Bad Diaper Meet

i meet this dl online and we got chating and decided t meet up at a travil loge for sum fun wee meet out side and booked a room. we then got all nappied up and strted fooling about he was fingering me and sucking my **** then asked if he could **** me i said yer so he ****** me for and i ****** him for like a hour as i was laying the recovering form the sex he nappyed me up then stood me up and i thought he was taking me to the shower .but he pushed me out the door in to reseption in just a nappy and throw my cloths at me
.. ther was like 6 people looking at me so i ran out the hotle and across the car park to my car in just a wet nappy ( i must have wet it as i was pushed out ) i was so horny after that . i had a **** in the car . leave comment if u read plz
nappybar08 nappybar08
18-21, M
3 Responses Aug 11, 2010

thats **** up wish i could meet someone like u i would change u

i agree. the meet and greet you did was disasterous. i would never do that to someone. if i was to meet someone for DL or AB we would have fun outside the room and in the room. and our secret would be kept between the two of us

same here would have been waiting for him also not sure what is car would have been like guess it would have been wired for sound