Thickest Diapers - Fabine

Made in Germany. Absorbs 4 Liters! So thick you won't be able to walk.




aliceleed aliceleed 22-25, F 16 Responses Oct 22, 2011

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Can I buy them if I am in the US?

Yes. eBay

Oh, my,just what I need. I hope to try these some day. And, so cute too.

where can i get them they look cute

Where can i buy them in holland?

Where can you get these because I am dying to try them

excellent diaper love the thickness. makes you waddle. the leg gathers fit the body perfect. best diaper out there

Can handle 5 wettings so far

how much

Seem to hold alot

I don't know how much better they are than Super Molicares. They are an incredible diaper, too.

I want some sooo bad. Should have preordered when I had the chance

i'm wearing one too

I am wearing one right now

wear can i buy them

How long have u used them like how many wettings

You are soo lucky to have these I am so jelious!

These arent out yet on abuniverse are they bc if they are im getting some