Athletes And Diapers

I was wondering how many athletes there are out there who have to or like wearing diapers. I am a hockey player (goalie) and have to spend over an hour on the ice with out the ability to run to the bathroom when I get the urge. I already wrote my accident on ice story in the I Peed My Pants experience group. ( Now I wear diapers under my gear and work as hard as I can to keep it low key. Are there any other athletes out there with a similar story or have had to give up one of there past times because of their diapers?
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2 Responses Feb 4, 2012

Hi, I'm not a real athlete, but I enjoy working out, and activities like skiing and golf. I also enjoy wearing and using diapers. I don't wear a diaper at the health club, but do use one now for golfing and skiing.

Hey there. Me to. I love golfing in my diaper. I think I actually shoot better when my diaper is full. I haven't skied in a diaper yet.

i can think of a few jobs other than athletes who might use diapers to help. Just thinking of a few; Iron Worker atop a highrise building, repairman trying to help in an emergency, firefighter at a long fire, etc. This could include many who wear them because they realize how nice it is to stay working instead of finding a restroom in time. The list could go on........

Hey there thanks for the comment. Ya there are many jobs out there where it is convenient to wear. I also heard that they are popular in casinos for people that don't want to leave their machines.