Very Fun!!!

I recently discovered my like to wear adult diapers. I Have bought many diapers to use. I want to wear and use diapers in public but I can not make myself do it. Does any body have any ideas?
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9 Responses May 7, 2012

just do it track pants or loose pants work best othe thing is tell
people you have a medical problem PS from the wild canadain

I do take you pants off and your shirt and walk in the forest with shoes on and just a diaper

I wear diapers when I go out with my wife to the store restaurant movies. In fact even to work wear boxers over them.

big baggy swimshorts with liner so there is no sagg and makes the same sound as the diaper so who is gona know <br />
also some good body spray .

I don't see how anyone would notice if you wore cargo/khaki shorts or regular fit jeans over them.

hold it for a day or to them put one on and go for a walk i dont wear them that much do thats that i did the frist time now i can just wake up eat them put a diaper on and go for a walk and crap it when im ready <br />
hope this helps

I wear diapers in public !<br />
The trick is NOT to worry 99% of people you meet out there you are not going to see them again ! <br />
You can wear diaper and plastic pants over them . then you can wear whatever trousers you want ! don't forget the LONG t-shirt !

just do it. no one will realy care

If you dont live at home with parents it is a lot easier to wear and get away with it.Should you decide to wear in public, no one will ever even notice.And if they do what would they say? Hey you have an incontinence problem,RIGHT! You don't have to tell them that you wear for fun.