This Week New Accomplishments

I have now worn diapers on and off for years. Undergoing a natural treatment for an ailment. My bowels have become unpredictable. This week for the first time I've worn diapers solidly for close to three days. I was working by myself outside far from a public toilet. The bad news was I didn't have any accidents, but the three day stint has me excited. I took one day off and I'm back in diapers as I'm writting tonight. Still looking for a way to loose full control

ddmontour ddmontour
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1 Response May 18, 2012

I had a problem with hemorrhoids last year, and wore them for about two weeks straight, nearly every day and night. During the first week, I was still quite uncomfortable, so it wasn't much fun...but on the second week, I did let out the stray dribble or squirt during the day at work. So....not accidents....but a few "on purpose's".<br />