Giving In To The Urge And All Diapered Now And Telling How I Go Here!

I am 30 years old and sitting at hoem right now on a day off, free from family and work. Recently I have had the driving urge to wear and use a diaper. I have been in and out of diapers since I was 16, and have not worn a diaper in over a year. As people who are like us know, the love for wearing and using diapers will never go away. No amount of counceling or resisting will work. It is in your thoughts, dreams, and engranded in your brain at all times.

So the urge won, I secretly bought a bag of diapers with goodnights as a soaker. So here I sit well diapered, slightly wet and alone! It is peaceful bliss! It evident that after this next cup of coffee, I will be about my chores for the day in a well soiled diaper, and that is my goal. I do not get to do this often so this day will be an expereince.

See my wife knows that I love diaperes, and even endulged in it when we were first married. I can remember being in an Attends brief, drinking beer while painting our first home. All I wore was an old teeshirt and a thick wet diaper. She never blinked! When we had kids she told me I had to stop, rightly concerned what they would think if they found them or discovered them on me. I promised to stop but lost the battle and bought and hid them. Over time I managed to successfully hide my diapers but eventually was caught. She threatened that this would drive us to divorce but so far it hasnt.

So my diapered times have been good. I have worn and used diaperes at movies, on dates, in front of parents and friends. I have messed and wet in front of people that had no clue what I had just done. I have gotten girls I dated to wear and use them and did so myself while with them. I have been called a freek, perv, and diaper boy and do not care. I am none of those, well except a diaper boy! I have met guys in public places, both of us diapered...theres a side story!

So I met this guy once at a local college mall. He was gay and I didnt care but he was also fearless in his loud thick diaper. We met in the food court and talked for awhile about why and how we wear diapers. He then asked me to follow him, so I did. He led me to the bathrooms all the while thinking why go there when we can go anywhere:) Once in side he pulled me into a stall and pulled his shorts down. He then pulled mine down. So imagine to guys clad in thick crinkly diapers face to face. He then asked me if I had held to our agreement (not pooping for 24 hours and waiting to do it together) and I agreed. He then squated down and pushed. I could hear his diaper crackle and expand. When he was done he smiled and told me it was my turn. Man was I nervouse! So I did as I was told and squated but then he told me to turn my back to him. I turned and squated and began to push. It was difficult to do it with him watching and because it was hard firm poop, but I managed. I must have pushed 2 pounds out! It was not mushy or soft at all! When I was done he felt it then told me to feel his. His was not as big but was soft. I knew anyone who looked would figure out what I did now but he assured me no one would ever know unless I showed them that I was diapered.

We pulled our pants back up and headed out to browse around the mall. I felt like everyone knew I was wearing a dirty diaper but no one showed it. We talked and then decided to go get a coffee. He was very into his dirty pants and even sat down and smiled saying "thats nice". I didnt sit down until he told me to in a stern voice, and slowly I sat and felt the hard mess form to my butt. I was humilated and loved it all at the same time. Here I was with a stranger, diapered, wet, adn messy. We spent about 3 hours in our dirty pants until he suggested I go back to his apartment and watch some tv. I had nothing to lose so I went with him. He promised on the way there that we could change into fresh diapers. The problem was that I didnt bring one but he said he had some. We got to his apartment and I noticed a change in him. He seemed more dominant and less friendly than when we met. He started barkcing orders at me.

He first told me to undress down to my diaper. I didnt see too much harm in it so I did, but then he took my clothes and shoes and locked them in a closet. I was trapped and knew it and he just laughed! He asked me if I was in for some fun? I was scared but thought why not. So I said sure. I mean what really could he do to me since I had done the unspeakable in my pants in public, right? So he ******** too and he came out with a pair of wrist shackels. He quickly put them on me without giving me a chance to resist. I stood there dumbfounded as he put the leash and collar on my neck. I was screwed now! He pushed me down on the floor face down and mounted me. He dry humped me for awhile telling me I was a bad diaper *****. Part of me was flipping out, but the submissive side was loving it. I am not gay so it threw me for a loop but at the same time, it was pointless to resist. So I layed there and let him hump my diapered mess until he stopped and told me to hump him. He layed down and pushed his butt in the air and waited. he grabbed the leash and pulled me over him. I grabbed his hips the best I could since I was in restraints and humped him. He continued to tell me I was naughty, bad, and deserved punishment. And punishment I was about to get!

more later
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wow you must have bean bery confused

Quite an experience. Sounds like a fun time unexpectedly came out of it all. Not into pooping a diaper, although I've had too, but that's a different story.