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ok so a week has gone by in diapers full time. not regreting it at all. its another good sunday of just laying around in my bra and diaper. good question tho, all i wear is depends and another brand called previal. which is good, alot better than depends but now the place i bought them from went out of business. i see everyone talking about wearing abena, molicares, and several other brands that im sure are better than depends. i dont care anymore about how thick or noisy they are. just want to make sure they can hold all my stuff in if i have a big accident. my question is, is where can i buy all these other brands of diapers without ordering online? really wanna knoww
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Most medical supply company's will have decent brands of diapers in stock. But the good ones will be online. If you talk to a clerk they might be able to order what you are looking for or even get you some samples . I get mine through a small town store and they special order for me I've been buying from them for a couple years now and never have gone with out. I wear abenas m2s and m3s. 24/7

Nothing Feels Better than you and a Diaper!! Abena Diapers are really cool better when the Abena's get Wet!!

yes i am still in diapers full time. i dont really have a choice now actually , im pretty dependant upon them. Being able to go anytime has made me incontinent, which i knew it would and didnt mind. im only having 2 problems which i know ill probably have to deal with. 1. after i go in my diaper if i dont make it to the bathroom in time, it can start to smell before i can get to somewhere private enough to change my diaper. and 2 . i dont have problems with diaper rash except when im on my period, im assuming because of the extra mess thats constantly there. i thought about wearing a tampon but at the same time i hate wearing tampons, not just because i do anyways but also because thats one of several reasons i started wearing diapers in the first place, so i would never have to wear a tampon again, any advice anyone? but otherwise i wouldnt change being in diapers. there loud sometimes and sometimes its hard to work cloths around them that you want to wear but i know i need them and would rather wear them than not. i really think all women should wear diapers, so much more comfortable and convient :-)

I have been incontinent for many years and will be the first to admit that, while I do enjoy the security a diaper brings, there are times I would rather not have to depend on them. My situation is one where I have lived with diapers on and off my whole life, so I eventually got to the point where I decided to enjoy it rather than fight it constantly. It is a little more difficult on vacation when you have to pack so many diapers in your suitcase with you, but it's better than embarrassing yourself in public.

When it comes to rashes, I tend to use the Desitin creamy to help get those under control--it is not as thick as the original and cleans up easier than original Desitin. Beware using powders, some of them are great for preventing chafing, but some can actually hold moisture against your skin and lead to more rash issues than before.

As for finding local businesses that sell decent diapers, look either for medical supply stores locally or even pharmacies that are not national chains. These places tend to carry off-brand diapers. I would suggest you take the time to actually find decent diapers rather than rely on Depends or Prevail (Depends are some of the worst adult diapers out there). Websites like XP Medical and many others have excellent information on absorbency and you may find (I know I found it to be true) that you can save money by using a more expensive diaper than a cheap brand. The more expensive diapers can hold more and wick moisture away better allowing longer wear and fewer changes through the day ultimately leading to lower cost over time. I used to go through 6 Depends a day at $0.70 each compared to two Abena M4's at $1.43.

Different brands to look at are:
Dry 24/7
Tranquility ATN
Bambino (some like the babyish patterns on them, they do have a white diaper)

Yes I found another place to buy prevail diapers. They are bulky and thick but no chances of leaks. I have lost complete control of my bladder but can control my bowel most of the time . I have not wore panties at all . I couldn't now anyways if I wanted to . I think several people know now I wear them but I don't care . I wish I would have started wearing them a long time ago . diapers are so comfortable and make me feel feminine and I never have to worry about accidents!

once diapered ... always diaperd ... no wonder, nothing is more comfy ...

I agree, medical supply store should carry what you are looking for. They may even be able to order some nice thick diaoers for you. Plastic pants also may be good idea.

guess i could order them i would just rather be able to walk in somewhere and buy them

Hey, diaperedgirl. Try looking for a medical supply store in your area. Google Maps works great for that. That's how I buy all my diapers.

Why can't ya order them? =P

I don't think I have seen most of those brands any where but online.

check out they have a 5% off on top of free shipping when you have scheduled shipments