Adult Diaper Humiliation!

Recently I was visiting Wendy an old friend who recently broke up with her partner of 12 years. As long as I have known Wendy she has been gay. She called me last June (2012) to come over and help her open her pool. I did not bring a bathing suit and did not think I would be getting wet that day ! After spending several hours of cleaning out leaves and debris, running the filter and putting away the pool cover it was looking great! The only thing left to do was to top off the pool with water from the hose. Wendy pulled out the hose and started to spray but because it was hot not only did she fill the pool she blasted me with water. I was soaked from head to toe. She laughed and giggled, I was happy that she found humor in my wet rat look. She explained that we needed to go out for some pool supplies and I said that I did not have a change of clothes. She grabbed my arm and led me to the guest apartment above her garage which to my surprise was actually a dungeon with all kinds of S&M equipment, punishment toys and a full adult baby changing table and nursery. I was a little surprised to see the dungeon yet also very excited. Wendy knew that I was into S&M so I know she wanted to show me her play space. I asked her how this was going to help me get into some dry clothes. She explained that she played the dominant role in her last relationship and wanted me to submit to her. For as long as I could remember I wanted Wendy and knew this could be my chance to get close to her even though she was gay. I agreed and she said Great ! Today you are going to be my sissy baby. She led me over to the changing table. Helped me remove my wet clothes. Handed me a towel and told me to try off, I could not control myself and soon had a large erection under the towel and tried to hide it. Wendy explained that she had no interest in my **** and would soon fix the problem. She said "Naughty boys should not have have erections and need to be punished." She asked me to sit on top of the changing table. I knew what was coming but had no idea how intense things would get. Wendy laid me on my back and before I could even give it a second thought she flipped me over and secured me to the table with 3 super wide straps. One across my lower legs, one just under my buttocks and one across my upper arms and back. Next she strapped a pacifier gag into my mouth over my head. I was totally bound and was loving it. She removed the towel and wasted no time in getting started on paddling my soft white naked ***. The sting started to build and she switched from leather to wood to rubber and finally finished with a thick strap! She then slid a large butt plug into my sissy hole and explained that it had a remote control vibration feature. I would experience this feature later in the day. She untied me, flipped me over and secured a **** cage around my manhood, doused me with baby powder then pulled out a orange colored plastid disposable adult diaper. That leather pouch will prevent you from getting an erection when touched by my friends. I was a little confused as we were the only two people in the room. She waisted no time in sliding the diaper under my red hot glowing ***. She pulled it between my legs and no sooner secured the tabs on each side. She then repeated the process with a second diaper and then a third. I could not understand the point of three diapers. She said the bulk helps with the ultimate humiliation. She then reached under the table and pulled out a black plastic diaper short with elastic in the legs that snapped on the sides. She said this will keep me from trying to pull my diapers off. She helped me off the table and had me stand before her. I did not notice until now, but she had also removed her top and her pants, she stood in front of me wearing only red satin panties. Her triple size D breast were perfectly round and she knew I wanted to suck them. She said good babies get rewarded with mommies milk. I had to close my eyes and open them because I thought I was dreaming, but it was true I was now an official adult baby. Butt plugged, spanked and diapered in rubber shorts. I figured the day would be spent in her dungeon. Wendy grabbed a small chain and fed it through the loops in the side of the rubber diaper shorts. she then locked it to the shorts using a small pad lock and said some babies try to escape from their diaper bondage. This chain and lock will prevent that! She then led me over to a large dressing room and measured my chest and fit me with a pink lacy bra. She stuffed the bra with breast forms giving me that C cup look. Next I was put into a white blouse that was buttoned up to my neck and covered my arms. She pulled a plaid jumper over my head and a matching school girl skirt. Pink ruffle panties were pulled up over the rubber diaper shorts and I was finished off with white knee high stockings, black Mary Jane shoes and a blonde wig. What an adorable little girl you make. I can't wait till tonight she said. I asked what happens tonight. She said that I was going to be the center of attention at her Friday night wine and cheese party that she has with her other lesbian friends. I begged her not to include me. I said I would submit to anything she wanted but begged not to be seen by others. She quickly replaced the pacifier gage on my head, placed a 3 inch leather and steal framed posture collar around my neck , locked it on and secured my hands behind my back with leather restraint cuffs. Finally my ankles were bound with cuffs and a 16 inch chain that allowed me to walk but with limitations. I was now bound, diapered, dressed and in total submission to Mommy Wendy, the girl I wanted my entire life, yet she was gay! She explained that if I did not agree to be her servant at the party tonight she would leave me in my diapers. force me to drink warm water and then take me to the local mall. Just the thought of being in wet diapers, dressed like a sissy at the mall was enough to make me comply. Wendy led me down the stairs, into the house and took me to the living room. To my surprise an adult size high chair stood waiting for me in the center of the room. I knew at this point that Wendy planned this from the moment she called me to come help her with her pool. Her friends started to arrive. My hands were released and I was placed in the high chair. I was fed strained carrot baby food and everyone had to reach between my legs to feel the diapers. After being fed milk from a large bottle I spent the rest of the evening pouring wine and serving cheese to all of Wendy's girlfriends. I was totally humiliated in diapers and dressed like a sissy girl. Every now and then Wendy would rub my diapers and turn on the vibrating butt plug to remind me that I was her sissy toy. The warm milk set in and soon I wet myself. After everyone left wendy took me back to the dungeon. She sat on a big leather couch, undid the posture collar, removed my restraints and positioned me under her massive breasts. She grabbed the back of my head and placed her right nipple into my mouth. I had this pleasure for about two hours. Finally she led me over to an adult crib, removed my sissy clothing and removed the bulk diapers. I waisted no time in turing over and asked her to spank me with just the strap for wetting myself. I told her that restraints would not be necessary. She punished me for about a half hour. Removed the butt plug, spread baby cream all over my now burning *** and the cream helped with the sting. She removed the **** cage, put me into one orange plastic diaper, and then secured me to the crib using bed straps to tie me down. She covered me and turned on an overhead knight light that played a lullaby. She kissed my head rubbed my diaper and left me to my dreams. I had the best nights sleep in years. Yes, I did wet my diapers completely overnight. I was punished again for it in the morning and it hurt but I was in total bliss because I knew that I would see more of Mommy Wendy in the future. Wendy sent me home in doubled diapered with a weeks supply of diapers. Although Wendy lives over 200 miles from me now I still wear diapers everyday. She Doms me over the phone and the internet. I visit her a least one time a month for true baby treatment, humiliation and a guaranteed good nights rest!
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I wish all women did this to sissy men.

I am glad your story involves quality instead of a formula type of setup. With also your enjoying things being good while it lasted. And remember to continue enjoying life.

excellent story. I love it all. I wish I could hook up with someone that understands fetish punishment..Does she do any side work for men??? binkeyboy

<p>Crazy hot story... A dream most of us wish would come true. Hope you and Wendy get to play out this scene many more times. Someone on this planet should have this type of happiness (and share their stories with us...)</P><br />
<br />
Leave it to all the gay girls to have all the fun toys of humilation, and know how to properly use them. <br />
<br />
Gees, vanilla women! Take a cue and learn a thing or two, would ya's!

you are very lucky to have mommie Wendy to take good care of you

This story is true and I have shared it in hope that other Adult Diaper Lovers appreciate this fetish that is not a sexual desire but a lifestyle I enjoy!