Encourage Me!

Looking for someone to encourage me to diaper today!!!
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6 Responses Dec 9, 2012

My wife and I do too and we love it!

Good boys and girls wear diapers 8)

Have you been wearing a diaper like I said before? You better not pee in the bed or on the living room carpet or the sofa! Be a good little boy, just put on your diaper and plastic pants and suck your thumb or a bottle or something else....

You should be kept shaved clean and oiled heavily then diapered and kept that way.

Just because I have a teeny tiny lil dink??? You like to tease??? (:

You know you wanna be a toddler again, just learning potty training. You know you are going to have "accidents" peeing and pooping, and that's why you better wear a diaper, so you don't mess your pants or get it on the furniture. To be safe, better put on a pair of plastic pants, in case your diaper leaks. Go ahead, now, be a good boy and put on your diaper....Some day you'll be a big boy, but until then, him's better be safe.

Wear Forrest...Wear!!!....LOL