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Sorry if this is TMI, but I often get asked how I maintain a good sex life while being fully incontinent 24/7. Well, we just can't be spontaneous, and we have to be careful.
At night, my boyfriend will take off my diaper, and we will have sex on our bed (which has a waterproof cover on it.)
If we wish to do it somewhere else in the house,(or car) we will place an absorbent mat underneath me.
If we are in A more public area, we usually wil loosen my diaper tapes and i will keep my diaper on. You get the picture. Again, sorry if this is TMI, but it is a question i am asked lots, and thought I should tell you newly incontinent folks.
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nevert tried but I'd like to xo

to my suprise, i have just started seeing a woman who has NO issues with me being incontinent. we even have the being careful part down pretty good.
i never in a million years thought i would ever have another relationship giving me being incontinant. :)

I think you are wonderful, not letting this spoil what you do and who you are when having to wear diapers all the time. I would love to be intimate with an Incontinent woman, you are very lucky to have such an understanding husband. I hope he loooks after you well and does the occasional diaper changes, I know I would. Good luck and very best wishes to you.

A water bed would be ideal...the mattress is already waterproof. I know I'd certainly enjoy sharing a wet diaper and some puddly sex.

you are very lucky to have a boy friend like that i have a nurse for a girl frend and she is used to cleaning up bums and she is not bothered by it