Which Diaper Next?

I am currently a parttime wearer and have so far been using molicare super. These do me quite well and I can afford them as I dont wear all the time.

But...i want a thicker diaper, the thickest that you can buy. Part of the turn on for me, is being able to feel the diaper at all times, between my legs.

I am in the UK so would need brands that are accessible from there.

What do you all think are the best?

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I don't know how easy they are to get in the UK, but Bambino has a newer Belissimo that my wife absolutely loves. Very thick & absorbent.

While I have not tried some of the other suggestions, I will say that I love that same exact feeling.. I tried Bambino print (I like to have fun too) diapers today.. They are the ones that I wore as a baby, plastic on the outside and lots of padding.. I was able to go almost all day in that one diaper as opposed to the 5 or 6 I go through a day.. and let me tell you, I only got a sample pack, so I dont have anymore and I am yearning for them.. the ones I have that were great to begin with, now dont give me that same feeling the Bambino ones did.. No matter what I did, I was constantly feeling that diaper all day and it was such a turn on ;)

Abena m4 are very thick and can hold a lot

Try tena slip maxi ;). My favourite

in canada i wear depends i can wee three or four times before i have to change them,during the day and night otherwise i've made my own flannel ones with matching plasticpants to wear all the time

Thanks all :) I am especially interested in the Fabine Exclusive, but im going to be checking out all your suggestions :) xxxx

Do a search for Fabine Exklusive(sp?) they are great or bambino diapers

Like npj78, I use Abri-Form M4 these are bully but if you more just add a few stuffers. I just love waring this combo, it will last all day

Abena Abri-Form M4's are quite thick, but they've replaced the plastic backing with a cloth type cover which most people seem to dislike.

Tena Slip Maxis don't seem that thick when you first put them on, but they really bulk up when you wet them heavily.