My First Time In Diapers.

I had saw a bloke wearing a diaper for fun and I got a little turned on. I enjoy pooping my pants but had never tried it in a diaper. I found a company called cuddlez or something and I ordered a pack of 10 and a pear of plastic pants to put over them.

They arrived within a few days. I opened the door one morning and a box was just sitting there. Luckily I live on my own and I was thankful that the box came in plain packaging. My heart was beating fast at the thought of wearing a nappy and using it. I hadn't been to the toilet on the morning they arrived so I took one out planning to use it.

I unwrapped it and looked which way it was suppose to go on, pretty easy really as there were small teddys on the front, silly me :-). Anyway i put a pare of pants on as i like pooing in them and struggled putting the diaper on.

I didn't know weather to lie down cos i couldnt see what i was doing or stand up as it kept falling out of place! I was dieing for a wee and poo by now. I had a cigarette and coffee and pooed my pants there and then, I had to look at the 'how to use' instructions on the box of diapers to learn how to put them on. After a few minutes I decided to sit on the nappy on the sofa and wrapped it round my front and waist.

I got the sticky tape to stick finally. I stood up and looked in the mirror taking photos. I felt stupid for a few minutes just standing their looking at myself wearing a diaper. I felt awkward at first, maby even a little bit silly. I put the plastic pants on and took some more photos. I thought that of they ever got found out i wore a diaper i would say that i used them for a fancy dress once.

I put some shorts on and made myself another coffee. I walked round the flat feeling how the nappy made everything more restricting. I could feel the poo moving round by bum but because the nappy was a snug fit I couldn't really smell anything.

I needed to poo again and pushed out as much as I could. It was quiet firm so I had to move around a bit to make sure I could get it out. Then I needed to pee.

I got into bed and layed on my back. I felt the poo move up in between my legs. I pulled the quilt over me and used the remote to put the television on. I just had to pee now. I hoped to god that the diaper didn't leek. I had the plastic pants on so I was ok. It was a bit difficult to pee at first but the more I relaxed the easer it became.

Before I knew it I was ******* full into the diaper. I could feel it going back in between my legs. I knew it was mixing with the poo creating a sloppy dirty mess in my pants. I started to move my bum around making sure it mixed together. After much squirming and enjoyment of feeling my dirty s#itty mess in between my legs I rolled over onto my front and let the dirty puddle slide forward. I felt it covering my balls. I used my hands and pushed on the nappy from behind trying to push as much of the poo and wee mix to the front. I felt the dirty mixture touching my ****. The tip at first but then I pushed harder and harder till I could feel it cover my **** and pelvice.

I was so turned on by now squirming around in bed in my very sh#tty diaper that I nearly put my hand down there to have a **** and massage the **** into my body.

I must have fell asleep for a few hours half dreaming of being wet and the restricting feeling the nappy nappy woke me up. I took the shorts and plastic pants off. I was surprised to see that the diaper hadn't leaked one bit! I walked towards the shower ant turned it on. I got my camera and sat on the sofa while the shower warmed up.

I removed the sticky tape from the nappy and took photos in stages of me opening it to reveal a right dirty mess!! I put my hands down my pants and started wanking myself scooping some of the now smelly, sticky s#it over my stomach and chest.

I stood up and held the nappy close as I waddled towards the shower. As I got inside the I moved the shower head away so I wouldn't get wet yet. I took the nappy off carefully making sure not to spill anything and rubbed the whole sticky mess all over myself.

I loved seeing my legs and arse covered in **** it looked like I had a right problem! I had a good hard **** and shot my load in the shower.

I turned the shower head round, got a cloth and covered it in shower jel. I got under the shower and washed the dirty mess off myself.

When I had got dry I got back into bed and smelt the area. I couldn't smell poo anywhere in my bedroom. I looked at the photos and had another ****.

I'm glad I live on my own as I've never been caught but I would like to experience this with someone one day...

Wishful thinking!

This is a true story and I hoped you enjoyed it. I'm turned on just writing about it so I'm gonna go and ********** now. :-) xxxx
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2 Responses Jan 16, 2013

A great story buddy you done the trick for me i'm
going to do the same xxxx

It sounds like you had quite a bit of fun. It's a wonderful way to have fun by yourself.