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Wet Soggy Diaper

My diaper today just leaked all over my couch. Im wet, couch is wet oh my goodness.

Can anyone tell me exactly what are plastic pants and what they exactly do. Please i need to know before they come in.
please HELP
bradley29 bradley29 31-35, M 1 Response May 10, 2013

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plastic/rubber/vinyl pants were first used for cloth diapers. As you know cloth diapers don't have a plastic backing so the plastic pants acted like the disposable plastic back lining. It would help hold back the wetness so that it didn't get all over the clothes and bed.

There are so many different types out there and they all don't work the same either. I have experimented with a few different ones and the ones with cloth around the leg gathers and waist band would end up leaving wet marks on my clothes if I leaked out because the cloth acted like a wick. There are some out there that when you are standing, they can hold back a lot of pee, but then when you sit, it gets pushed out the legs and waist band. The one I use now, I use it just in case I leak over into the plastic pants, not flood over into them. Even though there have been a few times, I flooded over into them, they worked better than I expected. The only problem was when I took them off, I got pee all over the floor.

That would be a problem.. i need something

What type of diapers are you using? This plays a huge part in leaking. I personally have found the Abena M4 to work really good. When I know it's going to be a long day at work, I will sometimes put either a cheaper clothed backed diaper with cuts all over it on first and then my Abena for double diaper. Or have purchased diaper doubler/liners that work really good too. I can drink a whole pot of coffee while at work, and be away from the house for about 9-12 hours sometimes without having to change. Now mind you, that by the time I change, there is a strong urine smell, but 99% of the time, my clothes are still dry and I didn't have to change while at work.

I use depends

That explains why you are having so much leaking problems. They are o.k. for maybe one wetting or two if they are small ones, but in the long run they are not made for extended wear for like at night time. I know if you only normal change once in the middle of the night then one Abena should last all night for you. They may seem a little expensive but if you consider how many times you change your depends, the cost is then about the same. I only wear depends and cheaper brands when I am at home and don't care how often I need to change. I also buy my cheaper diapers at thrift stores and or clearance stores so that I don't pay full price for them.

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