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I have a question for the Men here that wears diapers... do you point it down or up inside your diaper. I've never pointed myself down inside my disposable diaper and rarely have leaks... for the most part... but for those how do point it down... isn't there an issue if you get excited. As a normal healthy male.. but one that just happens to wear diapers... I will get excited and if those who point yourself down... doesn't that effect having them on and or afterwards... in either leaking or the absorbency of your diaper? I've read many suggestions of pointing one self down... but wondering what are the benefits from doing so?
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I point down now out of trial and error, every time I had been pointing up I wound up leaking either by trickling up and over or more often having a full 'fountain' of urine spraying up and out of the waistband of my diaper (and let's not even talk about diapers without a waistband).

I always point down inside. I'm not a full-time wearer, just wear once a week as a break from constantly getting out of bed. If I point up it when I'm lying on my back it risks running out of the waistband when I go. Pointing down too I find discourages arousals so the flow is directed more evenly inside the diaper. Finally I've trained myself not to actively pee when I need to go, just let the urge build up till it oozes out slowly, stopping naturally when the pressure's relieved. That way I don't risk suddenly flooding the diaper. Doing it this way seems to lead to a more pleasurable experience too.

I always point mine down.

It's a traditional practice of pointing yourself down in order to use the diaper to it's fullest. Maybe it a difference of length. I differ, if I point up I am more likely to both get hard and **** out of the top of my diaper. Pointing up your going to saturate the front of your diaper and leak before to entire diaper is used. Pointed down you'll use the diaper in equal portions. Which will take more wettings before need of changing.

I am trying Bambino baby block printed diapers, And they do remind me of the Early Pampers diapers I wore as a baby,They are so comfortable I could get use to wearing these 24/7,If it was not for the fact they are so expensive.

I find that pointing down always helps as I am a hevy wetter when it comes to peeing so I don't leak so mutch if i point down,up is more comfy but causes more problems then its worth.

always down here!

my always point down i dont get leaks that way

I always point it down. It is nice to feel the wee flowing round your **** and balls. If it points up then it leaks at the sides. I always wear plastic pants as well just to make sure. If you want to *** in them then just adjust your willie to point up

Down seems to work better for me. If I get excited I either take care of it re adjust or just leave it (depending on where I am obviously) getting hard pointing downward isn't so bad when you get used to it. If I'm up I can either shoot out the top or sides and tend to leak when laying down so as soon I'm flaccid I put it back.

Pointed up a majority of time

How about a third option. For me, if I am "relaxed", I find that I tend to retract and am normally pointing forward! Not really sure where all that length goes to, but that's what happens. If I am not relaxed I try to point down. Wetting while pointed up messes up your clothes, not just your diaper. The feel of the pee across your privates feels good when lying on your back.
Cloth diapers are good for wicking and your diaper feels wet all the way up to beltline in the back. Disposables tend to stay where you release it and the back of the diaper "goes to waist". Anyone ever wet a disposable, then turn it around to get the full benefit of absorbancy?

I always point down day & night and use 2 pampers duck taped together at night to help prevent leaks at night

Always down to avoid leaks and to make the best use of the diaper.

When seated or lying down, I try to get it pointed downward to so as to make the best use of the padding at the rear. I always use a booster pad and I think it helps to capture the liquid and wick it out better. If I am going to be standing around and if I can prepare, I point it up. I almost always wear vinyl pants to help prevent leaks and not interfere with the tapes.

I get more use of the padding pointing up and standing. Yes, I have blown through the top before, however, if I get it on snug enough, I usually do not have that problem. The pants do help to keep everything contained as well.

The only problem with pointing down is the fact the first part of padding won't soak up as much.


Down here. Seems a lot more comfortable and diapers soak it all up.

I tuck up during the day and down at bedtime - up so I don't leak during the day and down atnight so I don't leak out the top of the diaper.

Hi Timm,

I am 65 and I have been wearing diapers for the fun of it for many years. I love wetting my pants so I wear diapers so I can do it a lot, even in public.

I always point my **** down. I think I know what I am talking about so you can take my advice on this. If you point that sucker up, it will eventually fall down into the down position anyway. Even worse, I have found that when you **** with your **** in the up position, you are much more apt to have a leak than if it is pointed down. The diapers they make these days are great. You can **** again and again and they will not leak. But there is a limit of course, so do change as often as needed.

As for those embarrassing times when you get a little excited, so what? Enjoy that. You were 17 once and lived thru it. Same now. In fact, with a diaper on, if you get excited, you can actually **** yourself and it will not stain your pants. Cool huh?

I have also figured one more little trick over the years. I wear a pair of cotton no-fly briefs under my diaper. That way, when I ****, the underwear helps to disperse the pee around the whole area more evenly so that the diaper will soak it up and leak it out. And I like to look at the wet spot in my undies. It goes from the top waist band all the way down my crotch, and half way up my ***. For me, and probably for you too, this whole ******* your pants thing is a turn on. I almost always ********** when I'm good and wet. My favorite way to do that is to unzip my pants, lie face down on the floor, put both hands inside my diaper but on the outside of my undies, and rock back and forth until I ***. I love love love to do it this way.

I hope this helps you, I hope you enjoyed reading my post, and I hope you have years of wetting and ******* ahead of you.

I point down because up, i always leak, though i am not using good disposable diapers, nor cloth diapers. When i used to wear cloth, pointing up didn't cause leaks.

as for being excited, i know what you mean ... i used to be amazed at how others used to point down ... i have to concentrate on not getting exited in order to point down ... at time, just laying there thinking about other things ... or sometimes, i put the diaper on excited, but then readjust if/when i get a chance.

pointing down, i can more thoroughly soak the diaper also, i love the feel of my bum getting thoroughly soaked.

pointing down also adds a little extra assurance that i will behave myself in my diaper ... just a little extra :)

one other consideration for me is that, being point up, the pee can tend to go around the waist, where most disposable diapers have very little absorbant padding, and therefore, tends to leak more.

I have a natural downward curve, so mine just goes there on its' own. If I ever pointed it upward and got an erection, it would be uncomfortable (and probably leak right out the top of the diaper, too).

All of that being said, I've taken to tucking my penis in upon itself in tight undies or diapers, so mostly I'm just pointed straight ahead, with just a little uncircumsized-looking guy showing. The warm pee baths the head of my penis this way, and if I'm not in a diaper, having myself tucked like this reminds me that I should be. I usually go into the tuck position right after a shower, when I'm still a little sticky wet, and it stays like that all afternoon, even when I sit to pee.

Wish I could always be in a diaper, but it's just not possible, even though I'm diapered in my head all the time.

I point down. When I have on occasion pointed up, I have leaked out of the top.

feels weird for me to point up. like it just doesn't feel natural, so i'm always pointing down. never had problems with the excitement aspect, and afterwards. it doesn't really shift the diaper around too much. also for pointing up I have leaked before

I point up. More comfortable to me, and I rarely have leaks. However, I also usually wear cloth to bed, but when I get behind in laundry and need to wear a disposable to bed, I have tried the pointing-down thing, and that seems to help minimize leaks laying down. Regardless of whether I am sleeping on my front or back, all the pee is being directed into the middle of the diaper to spread out in a bunch of padding, either forward or backward. Not sure what advantage there is for side-sleepers...