35 Years Old and Still Diapered

I have a diosaband was never really toliet tiained.I have been wearing diapers basically  all my life. I enjoy wearing diapers and my girlfriend treats me like a baby and I have fun with it.

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hello I wet too I am 32 f I am married and a mom care too add me

So you have to wear diapers but you like to wear them. So if you did not have, would you still wear them? {I am guess that since you GF likes the play, you would.]

Don't worry, you are not alone. I have to wear diapers all my life too. I am 25 year. I am lucky that a surgery corrected my bowel incontinence, but I still need diapers for my bladder incontinence You are always welcome to chat with me if you want to talk to folks in similar situation.

My wife makes me wear diapers 24/7. I wet the bed at night and wet my pants during the day.

Wearing diapers and being babied is great!

hello I am 31 f care too add me I wet too

what a life

It seems like people are getting hooked on the diosaband thing so to perhaps put this non existent word argument to bed.

Di as in Disabled then oh dear the o is next to the i so its easy to type io in error so we have Dio then we type the sa because we are not proficient at typing and not checking what we have already typed. This then gives us Disab but with that pesky extra 'o' we typed in error. Then perhaps because we are disabled or just because we are a crap typist we loose the end of Disability. next error miss the space between diosab (diOsability) and type an 'and' thus we get the pesky mis-spelled words DIoSABility AND which should have been Disability and.

So to take this from the top:

I have a DIoSABilityAND [disability and] was never really toliet [toilet] tiained [trained]. I have been wearing diapers basically all my life. I enjoy wearing diapers and my girlfriend treats me like a baby and I have fun with it.

Hopefully you can see from the other typos - toilet and trained - that WETALLLEN (spot the three L's rather that the two that are in Allen - check the name at the top of the posting) and it should be easy enough for even the simplest of folk out there to understand what Allen really meant - can we now concentrate on the topic rather than miss spelt words, poor grammar and typos? We all should be able to see that diosaband was a typo and is not actually a word.

Hello, There is no such word as diosaband. Im looking for a woman 18 to 40 who wears diapers. im here in the Indianapolis aera. Mark

┬┤Hello, There is no such word as diosaband.┬┤

hhmmm ... sure? ... now HERE it IS! ... lol ...

I'm guessing that WetAllen was trying to say 'I have a disability and was never .......' Lots of people on these types of sites seem to have spelling and or typing difficulties - including me.

I am also a mature adult and I wear nappies/diaper's, both the disposable kind and terry squares of which a have a good supply of 48 and some 54 inch squares - as a matter of fact I'm wearing a terry and plastics as it type this response, mmmmmmmm just love how it feels. I use zinc and caster oil cream to help prevent nappy rash these day's. Believe me you just don't want nappy rash. Mainly just wear the nappies during the night time though a disposable is very handy for long journeys out when one might not be able to get to a toilet! Always wear plastics with my nappy even a disposable as I like the added protection against the dreaded leaks. I do wish I could find somewhere that sells adult sized nappy liners though. Its an absolute pain keep having to sew children's liners together (turn landscape and sew along long edge for extra height and width).

Must admit the thought of a.n.other changing my nappy, washing and powdering me etc is rather sexy to me. It's the inferred power thing, I'm a natural submissive.

I am not ashamed to be a wearer of nappies. They are a very practical, easy to care for and very nice to wear.

Anyone from Indianapolis who wears diapers and single???

I looked up Diosaband. It's not a word.

may be a myth? ... :-)))

I'm 40 and I wear diaper too.

meeting some one as a gf =or bf that diapers dont up set dose make life a lot easer and fun

They do still and sell them from Oklahoma. Granitesmiths diaper store carries them and also sell on ebay. http://stores.ebay.com/Granitesmiths-Diaper-Store?_trksid=p4340.l2563

To bad that they don't still make the 36"x36" flatfold cloth diapers!

There are a surprisingly significant number of outlets who sell flatfold cloth diaper's just put adult baby supplies in quotes in a search engine and there will be lots of hits. Amongst the rubbish you should find some places where you could but some and adult sized plastics etc.

Coming up for the big 50 and I sleep in nappies most nights.

I think he's saying he has a disability

I'm much older than 35 and still diapered in some way, either cloth or trainers - and I love every minute of it! I'm not ashamed of it, and I don't believe anyone should be ashamed of diapers. They're only another form of underwear after all, and most practical! :o)

hi...I am 64 and wear , use,and love diapers!

Diosaband? Sounds like something, that you have to get cut off! Being diapered and babied is great!

yeah what is diosaband

whats a diosaband??

whats a diosaband?

I've never had a diosaband. I have a cage out back and would like to get one. How big are they? What do they eat? Do they bite. Are they expensive? Please let me know.