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My Husband Wears Diapers

Myhusband of 10 years just informed me that he likes to wear diapers.  While it doesn't make me think less of him, it was quite a shock!  We've "played" a lot lately and I've noticed that he is so much calmer and sweet since we've started.  Since I'm new to this I would appreciate any help from others that have had a similar experience.

milkjugs milkjugs 56-60, F 42 Responses Feb 17, 2009

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Well I have been incontinent for the past 15 year so I can really share were your coming from

Hi I only started in diapers 2yrs ago after wife passed away after 42 yrs, 6 children and 6 grandchildren. A little history as a child was a bed wetter until i was 25 and wore diapers at night and was away from it for many yrs i am now 72 and just had the urge to try them again and felt very comfortable and at ease . I now have a girl friend 55yrs old who has been an AB her whole life and we enjoy wearing in and out of home and public.Your husband is still the same person as always was but its understandable you are a little confused by it. Sometimes it helps to do a little reading up on it and talking about it to help to understand. My best to the both of you

Might want to try giving him baby bottles with larger nipples as well.

Would love to have an update on how you two are managing, if you have the time.

Great story.

nothing wrong with being diapered. I would like o leave my house wearing diapers under my clothes., but a bit hesitant. I don't want too many fks know that I like diapers. one thing that would break the ice for me, is for a few dudes like your husband invite me over for a drnk or so, then take hold of me and undress me to my diapers and make comments. then I would have the nerve your husband has and wear diapers often. diapers also feel great around certain parts of the male anatomy, believe me.if I wake up in the middle of the night, I *****, place diaposable diapers atop of my equipment, after powdwering them, and put a cloth nappy and sleep the rest of the night diapered

Hi I ware diapers almost all the time due to diabetic and prostate problems.My wife never says anything.There is nothing kinky about it have adjusted to diapers and not so up tight about them now real relaxed.

i Have spina bifida and have to wear nappies all the time i also like to be breastfed

I told my husband to wear a pull up to bed. He never had before. I was just being silly . But he did and I have never known him so turned on. He said he felt very excited. I felt rather disturbed and blame myself for starting it. Next night I told him to wear one an he did. I start to look on net to try and understand what is going on. It said men like women to put them on them so next night when he wasn't in the mood for sex I put one on him and he just let me. I so want to please him I am determined to overcome the weirdness of it all. He doesn't wet the pull ups. Today he kept making a thing about going to the loo for a wee. Is he hinting to wear them more often. Soon we are going on a 6 hour journey. How do I suggest he wear them. He is way to shy to discuss anything like this with me. I so want to understand him and be supportive of him but I wonder where all this will lead. Sensible advice please.

well after reading all the posts i thought i would add one off my own ,i to am a nappy wearer 24/7 and am very happily married with a very caring and understanding wife ,she has never had a problem with my wearing nappys and plastic pants and has actually encouraged me to be open about what i have to wear .<br />
she even got me to go for a bladder op 12 yrs ago to see if she could get me out off nappies but unfortunately it was a complete failure and just made things worse ,i was catheterised for four months but that just caused to many issues especialy where sex was concerned and also the infections i kept getting so after a discussing the problems it was decided nappies and plastic pants were going t be the choice from there on ,i also have tena slip which i get from the nhs at no cost to me but these are only used for going out as i find they are no where near as good as a terry nappy as they can leak ,i also have a very large ammount off different plastic pants right down to frilly silk plastic lined ones which my wife likes to put on me and i have grown to like aftr all she does say well if you have to wear a nappy like a baby does why not dress like one might as well have nice looking baby pants ,some may think im telling fibs but im an open and honest person with the one advantage some only dream for i have a wife who likes me in nappys and has no hang ups about them as she wears eron form to bed herself now and has done for sometime and i didnt have to ask her why she was wearing them i just accepted that she was

Here's a suggestion... Long talk. Get the deceit issues on the table and get some pledges. Make some achievable goals that will let you both know that you are on the right road with each other. Then, see what happens. It takes time. Give it some.<br />
<br />
#2 - as for wearing. My wife doesn't find stimulating or exciting in any way. No big surprise there - she's not a DL or an AB. She sometimes finds them convenient, believe it or not, and will wear one to a movie or other such situation. Find some situations you can live with. Find something that you can wear without "giving away your condition" to others (a pullup maybe, and maybe some plastic pants, if you wanna try wetting). Experiment with wearing/wetting and find your "limit' and the limit of your pants. If you don't like them wet, don't wet them. Honestly, those that say they don't like the "wet feeling" are fooling themselves a little because todays products are all about locking in the moisture. For example - try wetting your panties & jeans standing in the shower - that's one type of feeling. Try doing the same thing with a full diaper on - that's a whole nother feeling... We know that, so dont' go into the "I feel weeetttt...." negativity. Just embrace being able to have a wet diaper on, and no, it doesn't need to be immediately changed - it's good for HOURS of wear, as is, without any issues (smell, etc). If you can't get into the urine thing, try holding your hand in your stream while you pee in the shower of on the pot - it's not poison - it won't hurt you. Embrace it a little Remember, the major part of this is about urine and capturing it into a diaper. There was a program on the other day (weird afflictions or something....) that had a lady that has been drinking ALL of her urine for the past 4 years - you're not gonna die from peeing in a diaper.... The point is, if it turns him ON, what more do you need? You're halfway to the goal line. Now all you need, is to find a way to turn you on, too. Play with his, diaper or not, and maybe you can start yourself on the road to love. If you can get 3/4 of the way there, rip the diapers off and finish the deed without them. <br />
<br />
If you're just laying in bed, in a dry diaper, and if he's in a fresh diaper, try spooning him from behind and put your hand in with some lube and see what that does. If you can take him from soft to hard, that gives you some power, doesn't it??? Play with it. If he *******, it's not a mess. Relax. In a half hour, try it again. If it doesn't bother you too much, put your own on, and ask for some of the same... <br />
<br />
The whole point of this is, if you can become his "diaper girl", he's really got no damn reason to embrace all the **** shots of hired models putting on diapers to give guys wanking material. Be each other's wanking material! Try this with a hundred different variations and you'll get some idea of what a diaper guy is looking for in life. To be relaxed in diapers, with a lady, with love, with sex, with some kink, etc.<br />
<br />
Hope it helps!<br />
<br />

Well, maybe there's hope, Misty... I appreciate your comments about my other posts, and I'm really glad that they're here at EP for the reading for those that come along. <br />
<br />
As for the lying, if your husband really wants to make the marriage work, and it sounds like he does, then he needs to know that there's absolutely only one person in the world that you don't lie to, and that's your spouse. There's far too much at stake in a relationship (kids, money, cars, fortunes to be made/lost, family, and on and on...), and if you're not working as a team, it's a ***** making things work. I can honestly say that I've shared (probably overshared....) it all with my wife. She knew about my choices long before we were married, with plenty of time to back out - she didn't. I've never really hidden any of it from her, including the websites I've visited over the years (ILuvDiapers, WetSet, EP, Fetlife, and all the rest...). She has all my passwords to my multiple email accounts, and I have made changes over the years when it came to things that bothered her (diaper pics, etc.). I used to spend lots of time saving pics and organizing them, and I don't do that at all now. (How many can you really "have"?) I gave her all the hard copies (CD's, tape backups, diskettes, etc.) of all that stuff, and don't expect it back. I did back up what I wanted to save onto a flash drive, but even that's available to her to drop in the toilet or whatever. I just doesn't mean that much to me anymore, and it's possible that your husband COULD achieve that same thing, IF he really wants to do it out of love and trust. It would be a good place to start. <br />
<br />
As for the rest, you take it one step at a time. My caution to you... this (infantilism) will not go away anytime soon, IF he's anything like me. I can't say I was born with it (drives my wife crazy if I do), but I can say it did start for me right when I was taken out of diapers. It's not the same for everyone. Some start "liking" the idea, once they hear about it on TV or in the media, or whatever, and that's fine, but there are those that stumbled upon their diaper needs all on their own, way before sexual things ever entered into their minds. I find myself in this group. I know I've tried to toss it out of my life before, only to have it occupy my mind and my thoughts/desires. When I got older, it got mixed up with my sexuality, but it didn't replace my desire for women in my life, it just became something I (we, my wife and I) had to "deal" with. In my situation, that's sort of a constant battle in our marriage; how much is too much - how little is too little, etc. Like you, my wife has tried a lot of things to pacify my needs (and I am about 94%DL, regardless of my nick...), and has scored time and time again, but her self esteem is in terrible shape (jobwise, ego-wise, etc.), so we're always working on trying to manage diapers in an otherwise adult relationship, Sadly, we probably always will. <br />
<br />
She has her own nick her (ABDreamzwife) and she does come on and read, but has never posted a message herself. I keep trying to get her to "mingle" with other spouses of diaper-wearers so that you guys can bounce stuff off each other, and I don't mean what type of diapers we wear, etc. I mean, how do you (as a spouse) deal with a husband that has this kink? How much IS too much, etc. I wish she'd join in, but she's very covert about everything in life, even though she knows she can remain anonymous here. <br />
<br />
So, again, I'm glad that you were able to address this issue here, and I hope you husband can start to understand that the more you know about how to manage this in his life, the more at ease you both can become in your relationship. Hopefully, once he really gets that you're into him, and if he's telling the truth in those words he wrote, then this is definately worth figuring out, and the only way you'll both get there it to embrace the specialness you both have to offer - you as someone that is trying something VERY weird to your more "normal" thoughts on married life, and him on having someone in his life that is trying hard to understand, accept, and be respected, while catering to his diaper needs a bit. Just remember my initial thoughts, there are going to be many tests over the years, and deep down, if he is a liar (much the same as I am a DL), then he's either going to have to seek assistance with that, or you're going to be addressing it over and over and over.<br />
<br />
Again, I wish you well with it and hope to see you BOTH on here posting about your trials and tribulations in dealing with this. It's why most people all here on EP, anonymously sharing our thoughts about life's ups and downs. Your husband should not be afraid of you learning more; he should only be afraid of losing you or your trust by being dishonest with the only person that really matters....<br />
<br />
Good luck with it all!<br />
<br />

@Misty - my first thoughts were "get the heck out" before it's too late, but you have already cemented yourself into this situation, I'm afraid. The most major issue I think you're going to have to deal with is the lying and deceit. You can't build on that. The next thing you're going to have to come to terms with is something that most of us married diaper-wearers face - is it me or is it the diapers??? It's impossible to really know...<br />
<br />
Yes, I love my wife/partner, and I do desire her sexually, but the diapers seem to come between us more than benefit us sexually. She, like you, finds NO great pleasure in wearing/using them, and only rarely/occasionally ever actually involves them in any sex play. But, the diapers make me "feel" special in a way that turns me on no end, and she makes very little effort to take advantage of that. <br />
<br />
In your case, it sounds like your husband is way too deep into the **** end of it, forgetting that he does have a live person there to play with. I know my wife will laugh when she reads this, since I also have a live woman to play with, BUT it takes two to play, and I'm afraid she's just not interested in playing with me, especially when I am wearing my "mistress" around my hips (her choice of words). It's a double edged sword. On the one hand, the diapers and her turn me on, but they turn her off. On the other hand, when I don't wear anything "special", she neither reacts sexually or or does anything to even remotely turn me on. Go figure.<br />
<br />
Anyway, I really don't know what to say to you. Annulment? Trust is broken and it appears that it will be broken again and again. Are you in to that? If not, it might be time to lick your wounds and get out. 2 years together or 3 days married is not enough lost time (in life) to force yourself to continue. At this point, couples therapy seems a bit crazy, but it's a consideration. However, and it's a BIG however, I'm nearing 60 and I still get excited for lots of reasons, and can perform almost daily (IF I was called upon). Since I'm guessing he's in his mid-late-thirties like you (according to your profile), he should not be having a problem getting excited at anything, unless he's just not into chicks. Not sure why either of you didn't see the signs before, but again, it's never too late to make corrections, if that's what you are feeling. He sounds like a can of worms.<br />
<br />
Honestly, most diaper guys pray for a diaper-understanding girl to come along. If he's not diggin' it, then there's more wrong with your situation than just the diapers.<br />
<br />
Ok, as for me. I'm not perfect. This diaper-aspect has always been with me, but I've always wanted and appreciated women, too, especially my wife. That being said, marriage partners have a tendency to find themselves painting each other into their respective corners ba<x>sed on romance/lackof, thoughtfulness/lackof, playfulness/lackof, contributions/lackof, etc. After two decades together, we still haven't worked out the chinks in our armor. Had we started like you guys seem to be starting, I think we'd have ended it long ago.<br />
<br />
Sorry for the harsh words. Not meant to be hard on you, but we all make choices, some right and some wrong. It sounds like you honestly tried. He sounds like he doesn't care enough to stop lying and consequently, I don't see him changing his ways much. But, that's just me... Maybe some others will weigh in on it, hopefully.<br />
<br />
Good luck either way you turn,<br />
<br />

@diaperpas - I'd advise your wife to come on EP and join a couple of the groups dedicated to spouses of diaper lovers / adult babies. It's really the only way to get fresh, unadulterated information of a diaper nature from someone that isn't really a lover of diapers (if other spouses would join in).<br />
<br />
milkjugs created a group:<br />
I Married a Man That Likes to Wear Diapers<br />
<br />
I created: <br />
I Have A Wife That Knows I Wear Diapers For Fun<br />
I Am The Diapered Spouse In The House <br />
<br />
Either or all of these would be good places for spouses to come and start "the" conversation about how to deal with this issue of diapers in a marriage or relationship. There's probably a dozen other similar groups as well. Trouble is, like in my case, my wife just won't open up. She reads and follows my exploits, but she doesn't get involved, as if it's poisonous or something. I see it as her loss (as well as a loss to the community) that she doesn't open up and explain some of the things that drive her batty about diapers or training pants on her 50-something husband, hoping to get some comments from other like-minded non-diaper-wearing spouses.<br />
<br />
@GeorgeGeorge - not sure where your comment comes from about "this behavior is inappropriate"... You seem (from your recent spurt of activity) to be visiting all of the diaper postings and making comments suggesting that diaper wearing by adults is verboten (I suppose unless they're incontinent...). I wonder how you feel about people wearing women's underwear, or people that have multiple partners, or gay sex, or sexual addiction, or whatever? You might just try settling into whatever it is that YOU'RE INTO and making positive comments there instead of partaking in discussions that you find disgusting. It would make your stay on EP a lot more palatable if you weren't slamming people you don't know or understand.

Well you could have her come here.(experience project.).<br />
She could connect with the folks that would understand.<br />
trouble with talking to friends ( unless she looking for Baby sitter)<br />
You can not untalk if it does not go well.So the person she talked to would have to be someone you totally trust.<br />
Not just some one she trust .<br />
The wrong person could hurt your marriage.Even thou they could be a wonderful person.<br />
If they do not have open mind .or like to share with others.

my wife has agreed to diaper and baby me occasionally but has said on several occasions she wished she had someone to talk to about my fetish. She is a loving wife and wont embarrass me in front of our friends, what advise could you give her?

My wife knows I like to wear them .But doesn't want to play mommy.<br />
Does not ob<x>ject to me wearing them.would love to bond to her that way.<br />
It would be to let down your guard all the way.

It's obvious, from the change in his demeanor, that the stress of you not knowing and being able to wear his diapers around you, was getting your husband down. Good for you that you accepted him and will let him wear. You made him happy, it's a weight off his shoulders and he can be free to wear as he pleases.<br />
<br />
All I can say, for advice, is that men are very prone to fetishes. Every man has at least one kink and over a lifetime it becomes a real part of his sexuality that he aches to share with his wife, but a lot of men do not reveal and share it, fearing rejection. If it's a harmless fetish and he engages in it privately, I do not see a problem with it. After all, a woman marries "for better or worse," and I don't ask that a woman necessarily count the discovery of her man's innocent fetish as a "better" -- but it hardly qualifies as a "worse" either.

My hubby 'came out' to me about this 10 years ago and I embraced it as just part of who he was. Rather than shun him or not get involved I embraced it and very much became part of it and I'm really glad I did. It's amazing how a nappy can change a mans personality for the better.<br />
<br />
Jaz x

wear a diaper with him. and wet them big time

see i want a female that will change me and i change her , will goto the mall will me and we both<br />
wet our pants together and walk thru the mall like it is normal , we goto the movies and we do not <br />
have to miss any of it coz we have to pee we just go and change our diapers later.

i here every one story here being older throught i could no loger hide from wife , was eating me up in side , after 7 years of what i throught was a good marriage she left and filled for divorce the same week , so sometimes i think its best not to tell truth, , its been really hard she put me thu hell kept mention my diaper habit in the court procedings

check out

check out

I have been married to the same woman now for 30 plus years and I told her about liking diapers before we were married. We play together (she doesn't wear diapers) and she has made my fantasies reality and I have done my best to treat her and her fantasies the same way.

@MrGreg:<br />
If (as your profile image suggests) you are using the laxatives to drop the weight before the boxing weigh-in, then I can understand your practical sensibility. Regarding the GF wanting to tell others, she is using that as a power card over you... Imagine what else she would use against you (in the divorce court...). If she can't accept the diapers as a practical use (just as you accept her tampons or pads), then you should be looking for the next lady... Not worth the emotion drama dealing with a woman that want to control you without consideration of your thoughts.<br />
<br />
Red Flag her and move on.

As always this is a two-way street... he loves his nappies and loves sharing it with you - well done for sticking with him, you're a gem. But he must also consider you and your needs, to satisfy you and keep you happy as well. I really do hope you can work things out. He's lucky to have you...

I am so glade you understand him with this, my wife accepted it till after we got married and 18 years latter she kicked me out. She married me for me, but when we got married she didn’t want any thing to do with it, and I was suppose to just give it up and please her sexually at any way she wished. She was into being tied up and spanked, I wasn’t but if I was to get pleasured I figured we could have mine, and hers to please both of us. She thought it was disgusting. Then after we divorced mostly because she wanted her true love from high school. I find she was into pooping herself, I thought she was into it when we were married but she would not admit it to me. She had on several occasions pooped herself when we were married and it wasn’t always the stomach problems. How did I find this out? Well her boy friend seems to have the same problem, since I have known him for 6 years, he has had a pooping problem and her reactions to it is far from being grossed out by it like when I wear diapers. She had said in front of others when it happens that she would go help him clean up, she even went as far as feeling it through his pants to check. Ohh and now she even wears diapers too so she doesn’t have such a big mess to clean up. LOL his suggestion. Her mom even told me stories when she was in her teen years with messing herself all the time. Sorry but I went threw hell with her with my needs but she always got what she wanted. She always told me to go get myself a diaper girl to have fun with, but I got nothing, and she got poopy boy.

I recommend you to appreciate him, help him.He is yours,He shares you what he likes, what in his mind let him to do with free hands.You increase his will make him more adult baby.Give him gift of diaper, NUK -5dummy with neck loop, big jumbo pin, bonnet, jumbo bib.booties.<br />
You can find all these items from any baby adult shop.<br />
Very soon you wll find the result you desire.