Diaper Dan

  I love wearing and using diapers, baby bottles and being babied.  I wear diapers every chance I get. 

DiaperDan DiaperDan
51-55, M
5 Responses Mar 1, 2009

I like wearing two diapers at once to increase the absorbancy rate. Still have to get a credit card for places like bambino.com I love being in them and wetting them. I dont like ******** in them, however. Did that one time and it was a smelly mess. Won't do that again. I love to completely fill them up so as not to waste them. Also like wearing Good Nites.

Nothing better than nice thick diapers, plastic panties and a baby bottle to make you feel better!

sounds like fun! i have diapers & bottles & other baby stuff but don't use em that much. maybe i should more often. :)

Great Minds Think alike!

Same here. Nothing like a good bottle in the morning while you are waiting to get changed and watching cartoons.