i wear diapers 24/7.ihave gotten to wear i don`t mind pepole teating me like the forever baby of the house.i haven`t worn anything but my diaper and t- shirt for 3 days.my sisters.even change me.when they changed me last i was on the couch,and my sister said oh,poor baby you need a change.she got me up,put me on a changing pad,then told me your really sweet.i smiled as she untaped my diaper.she then got a baby wipe and cleaned my bottom.all clean little feet!then she put the rash cream onme,it was cold.then she put the diaper powder on me the smell feeled the room and i felt like i really was a baby.then she put some on my chest.now,we smell good don`t we baby brother?yep,i said.tthen she taped my diaper up and said all done baby. i asked her can you put one on teddy? sure,she said.then she put a diaper on teddy.now you have your little baby too. and since then i have been sitting and playing with my diapered teddy in just my diaper.gotta go,time for my bottle!

mamaslittlebaby mamaslittlebaby
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in another life that could have been me but i am an only child

That is an awesome story. I wish that would have happened to me.