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Bedwetting Stories Needed

Share your true story about growing up as a bedwetter and help others going through the same thing. In addition you will get a copy of the collection of other's stories!


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Blah352 Blah352 31-35, F 5 Responses Jun 17, 2009

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i grew up sleeping naked on a rubber sheet m pillows blankets always woke up in pee puddle and belive this why i like diapers

For me it was the feeling for wetting a dry diaper and the sensation of warm pee spreading out over my nether region. I grew up in cloth diapers and rubber pants and my mother would always put me in a t-shirt that snapped in the crotch (after changing me) because she didn't think I should be able to reach down the front of my diaper to adjust myself (which I did whenever I got an erection). I probably was kept in diapers longer that I should have been because I Hated a wet bed. And just when I was getting to a point where I could put the night diapers aside, around 6 or 7 years old, I got real sick and was in and out of the hospital for months. Looking back I don't ever remember liking to wear diapers and I really didn't mind it if my mother or someone I knew, like a baby sitter or cousin but I remember being Very upset when the nurse at the hospital undressed me and pinned me into a diaper before giving me one of those silly gowns that tied in the back and left your backside exposed for everyone to see. It helped that every other kid in the ward was also wearing a diaper (and some were a lot older than I was) but that first diaper was Not Fun at all. It took the better part of a year before I could go back to school and I was so frail that I was almost 9 before I could go back to just wearing a diaper at night for bed wetting till I was 13 but I learned how to hide my wetting from my mother and she stopped diapering me every night. Road trips, drive-in movies, and staying home sick always called for a diaper until I was around 16 or 17.

I often wonder just how many are like us. Lifelong happy bedwetters.

i feel the same way iv wet my bed my whole life

I have been a bedwetter all my life apart from a couple of years at the end of my teens and early 20's. My parents had a terrible time getting me out of nappies as I just didn't care if I was wet or messy. Although I was just about clean and dry in time to start school my night time wetting was a regular occurance so I still wore nappies to bed till I was about seven or eight years old. <br />
After that I was made to sleep in several pairs of pants with an old towel under my sheet to soak up the pee. <br />
My bed was seldom dry, always damp and smelly but I have to admit it never really bothered me. I could never see what the fuss was about. My mother would get mad and refuse to change my wet bed and often rubbed my nose in my wet sheets on a morning and made me sleep in the same wet bed the following night. I soon found if I didn't mention my wet bed nothing was said although I would have to sleep in the same wet sheets the following night but I just got used to that. <br />
I wet all through my childhood and in to my teens though by the time I was in my teens I was doing it on purpose. At first this was out of laziness. I had started to wake when I needed to pee during the night but as I was so used to sleeping in a wet bed I usually just pee'd the bed and went back to sleep.<br />
Gradually I realised I was enjoying this feeling more and more so I started wetting my bed before I went to sleep so I could spend the wholew night wet. My parents never knew I was wetting on purpose. I had a thick and very noisy polythene sheet on my bed by this time and often wore incontinence pants that had been given to me following a trip to the doctors to see why I still wet the bed at 15. This was embarrasing but the doctor said it would probably diminish as I got older. <br />
I carried on wetting right up till I was about 18 when for a whileI was dry at night. During my early 20's the urge to wet my bed came back and for a while I suppressed it. Eventually I gave in and one night I pulled on several pairs of underpants and went to bed with a full bladder. The feeling when I let go was unbelievable and all the memories of past wet beds came flooding back. I had a brilliant nights sleep. Soon I was back to wetting every night, though mostly on purpose. I found I slept so much better when wet.<br />
After years of purposefull wetting with some dry spells I have now regressed and pee in my sleep most nights now. I am happy being a bedwetter and truly sleep so much better when wet. I still wet on purpose when I am in the mood or if I can't get to sleep as I find I only have to wet my bed and I drift off straight away. <br />
Being a bedwetter is just who I am and I doubt I will ever stop now. My bedwetting hurts no one and keeps me happy and stress free.