The Dr`s Office

 i had gotten real bad sick with a ***** infection.i had slept all day the previeous day,so my mom took me to the pediatrican .she walked in and my mom told her about how i had been acting.she told me to ***** down.being 11,i was horrified.not only at the aspect of being nude in front of this pretty dr,but that she would also see i wear a diaper.then before i could say any thing,my mom had my shoes,socks and pants off.then off came my mom left me in my diaper.then said i may have to change you.i looked down and i had soaked my diaper.i turned real sheepish.its ok my mom said.then the dr came in.she examined me.never saying anything about me in a diaper.then she aked if i could give her a urine sample.i said i would then pulled my diaper off,right in front of her.and i gave my sample.she examined me down there.then,to my horror,she put me in a diaper.that was the most shocking case in my diapered history,i hoped you enjoyed!

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3 Responses Oct 6, 2009

I wear diaper all the time and I have a dr app. the dr. saw me in my diaper and ask me to remove it so he came check my bottom out for a ruch the end of my app I put my diaper back on.

I wear them all the time even when going to the doctors My doctor know about my incontinence neither my doctor or my self care about it.

i also had an exspernce like that

What a good story, I too don't need some female checking me out, doctor, nurse or other wise unless I can check them out, even steven, I always said.