Meeting Other Diaper Lovers

I've been a diaper lover for most of my life, though for reasons I can't explain there are lengthy periods--including when I lived alone--where they weren't a factor. Isn't that odd?

But in 1994 I got a job that required me to travel a lot and something about being in a strange city, alone in a hotel room for a week at a time, emboldened me and caused me to rediscover my love of diapers. I would drive my rental car around the city, looking for the small, independent pharmacies or medical supply stores where I could buy the better adult diaper brands. Then I would take them back to the hotel and wear them as much as possible before having to don regular underwear for work the next day. I never wet them while lying in the bed (since I didn't want to get used to doing that when not diapered and in bed with my wife, who knew nothing of my diaper fetish) but would sleep in them. Best sleep I ever got.

Then came the Internet. Well, my discovery of it, anyway. Around 1997 I found, and for the first time found out that I was far from alone. There were thousands of people right there who were asking all the same questions I was. It was almost like finding out that you were not the last of your race, as you always thought.

I formed some relationships with a few people on their forums--the non-weirdos*--and even one lasting relationship with a woman in northern California.

Around 2005, I got the chance to travel to her city and arranged to meet her. She's the first and so far only diaper lover I've ever met in person, and I was a little nervous. So much so that I talked about anything except diapers during dinner, she was the one who brought up the topic.

For the next two hours we talked about why we were like this and how our spouses fit into the picture (they didn't) and what to do about it. Here we were, two strangers connected only by an emotional need for diapers, talking about things so intimate that we'd never shared them with anyone else, including our spouses. It was wonderful and so freeing. I was almost giddy with relief to finally connect with someone who got it, who got me.

By now my wife knew about my diaper fetish, but wanted--and still wants--nothing to do with them. I think they change her image of me as her big, strong protector, which I completely understand. The sight of me in a diaper must be totally ridiculous, but these are urges I can do nothing about. They are part of me, and for one brief evening, I connected with someone else who understood that reality. Maybe someday, if I'm kind to animals and old ladies, I'll have the chance to do that again.



* No, the irony of this statement is not lost on me.

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Thank you for your comments, Dyperluvr and Ramsy. I wrote and posted this so long ago that I'd forgotten all about it. Thanks for bringing it back to the fore. ;-)

that was great story, almost exactly how my life in diapers had went, I thought I was such a weirdo until the internet, found dailydiapers, DPF and what a relief. havent had the chance to meet another diaper lover but hope to someday. Again great story, oh and yeah that is weird about the driving part, same here while moving cant wet that often, but as soon as the stop light comes around, no problem wetting, LOL

Ever in gkadwin michigan message me! We could hang out!


I don't know, Rusty. I have never been able to pee while driving either, but have no trouble at all while stopped at a light, so I don't think it's the seats. I honestly think your mind is too busy with other things to allow you to pee. I've even tried putting on the cruise control, and still nothing. But as soon as I stop, whoosh!

Weird, huh?


I think it's more physiology than psychology. Car seats put pressure in the wrong places to make it easy to pee, unless you're really bursting. I find I have to either slouch a little, or raise up off the seat some to easily pee while in the car.

I guess cause I have a two local "pee-buddies", I realize that most people on here are real, and do have the same desires. We all crave to be accepted for who we are, and in this area, it is definitely harder to find acceptance. If you get the chance, it's good to spend time with others who enjoy the same sorts of things. That's why sports stadiums are filled with people....they all have something in common. And it's why there are conventions and clubs and such. We're no different in the regard for wanting support and validation and acceptance.

I can relate to what you're saying, dprme. I have a similar thing about diapers and watersports. I'm aching to make a new friend who ALREADY enjoys watersports and diaper fun, NOT someone I have to try and EXPLAIN it, too. I don't know why I'm this way and I'm still trying to figure it out. Subsequently, it would be really nice to meet another "normal appearing" man or woman who likes to wet their pants, likes to be peed on and who also finds the security with slipping into a diaper.

I guess I should have told you all that I'm very happily married and she does know about and accepts my desire to wear though she doesn't wish to join in. Still I feel as though I have lost some of the respect she used to have for me. We were married 10 yrs before I came clean and told her. Now 12 yrs later here we are, but back to your comment. Why is it important to meet face to face? Well for me the internet is not very personable. It is, as all of you know full of fakes, liars, and imposters. Plus in a face to face you get to see a persons reaction, the facial expressions, the body language that a keyboard just can't give you. There is also the reality that this person IS real and is just like me. It's the human connection that a cold inpersonable internet can't cater to. Hope you all can understand what I mean. Meeting with someone does not have to be sexual, or dirty in any way, just 2 people with similar intrests forming a personal bond in a huge stress filled world.

I'm intending to let her in on my fondness for diapers, soon. I'm tired of hiding it from her.

Yes, I absolutely understand what you mean, DPR. Relationships with the opposite sex have many, many layers, not just sexual and romantic, and feeling accepted (a word you hear a LOT in the AB/DL world) by a woman is a very different thing.

I can't really explain that, but maybe it has something to do with feeling that you're okay, that you're not all that weird, that you're not a freak, as determined by the sex that is generally the arbiter of these things. Just thinkin' aloud.

But at the bottom of this entire discussion is the question Why do we feel the need to meet people like us, who share the same inexplicable feelings? Is it so that we won't feel alone? So we can connect with someone like us and just be? We can do that, to a large extent, online. So what is it about meeting in person? What would you ask that you can't ask here?

I pose these questions because I have them myself, and would love to talk about it.


RMS I could copy and paste the last paragraph of your experience. I too just have the strong desire to be able to meet a person (non weirdo) and just talk about our hidden fetish. I would like to meet a woman to talk to that understands it, just to feel accepted by the opposit sex with my desires. i would certainly take the friendship of a guy in my area as well, it would help too. But still need the understanding of a woman....does this make any sense to any of you?

Well, I sure admire your self-awareness and your sexual openness. Not everyone is so open to doing whatever makes them feel good, and I think that's great. But I have to wonder what would happen if you told your girlfriend.


No, RMS, I never had an urge to wear diapers before stumbling across my father's stash. I have been a life long naturist, that is to say, even as a little kid, I used to take my clothes off and run around the woods naked. I'm bisexual and have always leaned towards being "outside the box" as regards my sexual likes. Years ago a former womanlover introduced me to the fun of pee and I've been hooked ever since. My current woman partner has peed on e at my request but it does nothing for her which takes a lot of the fun out of it. She isn't aware of my diaper fetish.

You're right about a lot of things, Rusty, but I found it interesting that you mentioned the convenience of diapers.

I have to say that not having to stop somewhere, when I'm out and about, sure is a time-saver. For some reason I still can't pee while driving, but if I'm on a long trip, I can pee while pumping gas, and I'd much rather use my diaper than a gas station restroom. Yeesh!

Congratulations on finding a woman who lets you be you. She may not understand, but understands that diapers make you happy. That's a good woman.


I hear what you're saying, Still, but my wife isn't really (in her mind, at least) forcing me to suppress my desires, she just doesn't want to see me in diapers or ever be reminded of them. Unfortunately, since I'm so rarely alone, that means that I nearly never get to wear a diaper, which, in effect means that my desires are never quenched.

It's unfortunate, but I understand where she's coming from. It takes an extraordinarily understanding person to accept something as odd as a diaper fetish.


Hi, Smilin. How funny that you discovered diapers so late in life. You never had any urges before that? How old were you? Are you in a relationship? Does that person know?

Just curious.


excellent story, RMS, I enjoyed it. I have said it before, If it makes you happy and doesn't hurt anybody, there is no harm! The more anybody makes you suppress your desires, the more you are going to have the urge to wear diapers....

It is a fun thing to share with others. I had connected with others in the early 90's via DPF and ABW. My first in-person meeting was while on a business trip, and it was strange being "out and about" while diapered.

While my wife has never really enjoyed wearing diapers, she at least accepts that I wear them. It's a good thing she already knew about them, because I used to get my "supplies" sent to a post office box. Well, the box of plastic pants I ordered was too big, and they decided to forward them to the house (Delaware is a small state, and they do "helpful" things like that sometimes). If she didn't already know I was wearing them - she'd have learned it thanks to the postal service.

Keep enjoying your diapers, if only secretly and by yourself. There are many of us (only semi-weird) folks out there who enjoy the comfort, convenience, and pleasures of diapering.

I'm not sure exactly what lead me to have my desire to wear diapers. I only wear them occasionally when I'm needing that special comfortable and secure feeling that only slipping on a diaper can provide. I do know that my desire evidently laid dormant in me until I stumbled onto my late-father's stash of Depends (he was incontinent as a result of a bout with prostrate cancer). I swiped a couple of pairs from him, tried them on when I got home and immediately became a diaper lover. I've yet to meet another diaper lover (that I know of) who is close in age and of a similar headset and I sure would like to. Wearing a diaper is just plain fun. I love wearing one under my jeans out doing everyday things. No one knows!

Hi, Doodle. So, tell me about your experiences! Why do you think you have these desires? Have you ever met anyone like you? How does wearing a diaper make you feel?

Come on, let's talk!


I hear ya! My experience has many similarities. Thanks for telling your story