How I Got Started Wearing Diapers And Plastic Pants

I got started in liking diapers and plastic pants when I was 10 years old. I did not know at the time that I had a diaper fetish. During the weekends and summer months, I would make extra money cutting grass in the neighborhood. One Saturday I was pushing my mower past a home two street over from my house. I noticed the yard really needed cutting, so I went to the door and knocked. This young woman in her 30’s answered the door and behind her was a very big toddler baby. He was just in cloth diapers and plastic pants and a t-shirt. I said hi and asked if she wanted her yard mowed. I knew she lived alone with her son, because her husband died in a car accident. She said yes and I told her I would not charge her the full rate. She then showed me the back yard. She had just been hanging her son’s diapers and plastic pants on the clothes line. They were all blowing in the breeze. I started in the back since the yard was smaller than the front. While I was cutting I noticed her looking out the window from time to time watching me. While cutting, the clippings were blowing on her wash and into the leg openings of the plastic pants. I  then stopped and took a pair and shook them to get the grass out. It was then while feeling them and stretching them out at my waist, I started to get this feeling in my crotch. Then my baby sized **** came to life and got hard. I did not know what an erection was until then. It was then that I thought I wanted to try them on. At the time while stretching them open I did not notice the woman watching me from the window. Then I hung the plastic pants back on the line and got the next pair. These looked a little bigger. The tag said Super Xlarge toddler/Yth. The Yth stood for youth. I knew this pair I had to have on. I did the same as before and hung them up too. All the while I was cutting the grass I kept looking back at those plastic pants blowing in the wind. They were also yellow pull on. I think the woman noticed me looking also. She asked me to come inside for a glass of water; it was hot so I accepted. She told me she saw me holding the plastic pants up to my waist. She then said did I like plastic pants. I said well I did wonder what it would be like to try them on. It was then she said no problem come with me. She took me to the toddler’s room. He was waddling behind us and you could here his plastic pants making that lovely rustling sound they make after a few washes. She expertly removed my shorts and slid them over my shoes and up my legs and over my underwear. She pulled them up and I then started to rub the front and the back. She noticed me starting to get hard with the little tent in front. She pulled my shorts back on over the plastic pants and told me if I wanted I could get used to them while I finish mowing her grass. Well after I finished I came back in side and she was waiting for me with a diaper and fresh plastic pants. Well I first said no way, but thought this might be fun. So I accepted and then she diapered me with baby powder diaper and then yellow plastic pants. It was then I knew I was hooked on diapers. Well I cut her grass for the next 5 years until we moved away. We continued our mother toddler relationship and I always played with her son who is mentally challenged and will probably be in diapers the rest of his life. We were just 2 big toddler babies. We added pacifiers and bottles to our play. To this day which seldom since there are not a lot of mothers using cloth diapers and hanging them on clothes lines, I will get very hard when I see them blowing on the line or in a picture.

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I love the story and I ware cloth diaper too and use than

I would love to have met your neighbor. I love wearing pastel yellow
snap on plastic baby panties. I wish your neighbor would take me by the hand and lift me up on the changing table, slowly pull my shorts off. Then slowly pull my big boy underwear off leaving me naked as she powders my bottom and pee pee. Next, hold up a pair of snap on rubber baby panties for me to see as she talks to me like a baby. Then
Slowly unsnap the yellow plastic baby pantie and position it under my bottom. Next she would slowly snap the rubber baby pantie on me, while telling me why little boys should be kept in plastic baby pants.

Nice story, If only more people were more accepting that big boy sometimes like diapers and plastic pants too.

Great story! When I was young I knew where the plastic pants would hang in the neighbourhood. i alwasy peeked through the fence and dreamt I took one pair to wear all day. But I didn't had the nerve to actually do it.
Isn't it a shame nowadays almost everybody uses paper diapers instaed of cloth diapers and plastic pants. The beautiful sight of plastic pants hanging out to dry has dissapeared. What a shame.
But a great story, Jimbopns!
By the way, are still seeing that mother who made you love plastic pants?

I have always when a diaper is in between my legs it seems to make me big and hard dowm there but certian people do not seem to think soo

maybe you ought to move back soo you could have more fun with the boy and diapers

could never let anyone do that to me only wish tht my spouse would sometime take and change me out and rediaper me espically at night times.

Great story. I wished I had found a person like that when I was that age. Ibecame interested in plastic baby pants when I hit puberty. I would rub on my bed sheets and it was fun but rough. I found some little girls nylon panties and they felt even better when I rubbed on them. I then found some plastic baby pants and found with baby oil they were even better to rub on and were easy to clean up. To this day I love to see little girls in nylon panties and older kids in diaper or plastic pants.

What a wonderful story... and a lovely understanding woman.

Yes, the loss of the diaper pail and its wonderful aromas makes life a little less full. And I hope you got some extra "rewards" from her for being a good baby.

Wow, I could have never had the courage to let someone do that to me. Although I was in diapers at that age, it wasn't enjoyable times for me.

I wish my neighbour was like this!