The Diaper Plan. Step 1.

I have had my diaper fettish for 1 or 2 years now, and its time to buy some. I usually watch people wet and poop them online but I have never done it myself. I have just moved and there is a shop just down the road! I have been looking round my house secretly looking for hiding places and have come accross a few. The shop only sells baby diapers but im only 12 and certainly not that large. So I could stick them on with tape if they really dont fit. I saw some today whilst buying some juice and stuff. Im ready. Next time I go into that shop I will quickly look at sizes and prices. I only want to buy a few at a time incase my mum finds them. I hope to have some within 2 months, patience! I need to know a day everyone in my family is out. I will uplad some pictues of plans when I get further in to the attempt! Wish me luck on my trip. I





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I'm the same. Never done it but I LOVE to watch other guys do it!!

Yes, keep us updated. If you need some advise, there's a lot <br />
of us out here that can help you : )

Oh dont worry! I will be updating everytime my plan gets bigger.

Thats not a bad idea! I will try that.

You could also use your underpants as "holders" for the diapers, if they are not large enough to tape them on you. I wear cotton ones, and rather than pinning them on, I just wear 2 pairs of underpants and use them to hold up the diapers.