Diaper Time

       I just felt like I needed to wear a diaper again, so on saturday I started the afternoon by putting on an adult pull-up type diaper panty. I had already drained the lizard so I was good for a little while. I don't like to flood a disposable diaper because they always seem to leak. I hardly ever use disposables, but I was going to try something different this time. Anyway a short time later`I had a little pee, as the day progressed I kept forcing it out in small dribbles, that way I can fill up the diaper slowly allowing it to soak up the whole pull-up panty. In the evening I thought I would make the best diaper I could for ************ in, so I took a hint from (I think Sally Brown, who by the way went 24/7 with her diapers) and decided to fill it up. But I don't like the smell of a hearty deposit so I made some oatmeal to dump in the front of a disposable diaper  after I had taken the pull-up apart and put the inner contents in the disposable diaper also, then I put my trusty old cloth diaper over the top and double pin it on so it could catch any leaks when we played for a while. I then went to bed, play awhile and fell asleep.

     Sunday morning I woke up and put on my jeans over the diapers, finished getting dressed and went out for coffee, after getting my mug of coffee I went back home to play on the computer. After drinking the coffee I was ready to wet some more. The diaper tends to dry out the oatmeal over night and you to make it soupy again for a good play time. So on my back to bed I also dumped some hand lotion down the front of the diaper on big willy for an excited play session. About this time I needed to make a hearty deposit, so I figured what the heck, we got our diaper on anyway so ...yes...  I dumped aload and smeared it all round as I played, then fell asleep for a short nap.

     Once I woke up again I removed the smelly mess and took a shower and was ready for the day. I normally don't mess my diapers the smell is to much for me, but will wet a lot of the times. I wear in public but no one says anything, mostly because I don't think anyone is checking my butt out. I have wet while talking to people and wonder what they would think if they knew.

     If anyone was to look they could see that there was plenty of padding on my butt because I wear 6,  20x40 diapers sewn together at a time and my jeans are so tight that I have lay on the bed to get the last two buttons done up.

     I do have very good control, I can hold it for hours, I tried the waiting game, but it is no fun for me. I always wake up to wet, and then can go back to sleep, if I"m wearing a diaper.

stormie58 stormie58
61-65, M
Mar 6, 2010