I Am A Adult Baby And I Am Not Ashamed

I love being an adult baby. I guess I will always be. It really started when I was a little kid. I use to love to carry a diaper when I would go everywear.. I liked to rub it on my face and rub it on me. I did not know why? I remember asking my mom to get me some new diapers . She bought me three new diapers.. Oh they were so nice.. They were so soff and smelled so good. I would go to bed with my diaper to lay with me. Then I was growing up mom took them away slowly but surly they got lost.. When I got to ten it came back..I would steal diapers. They would hang on lines at the house in the area. I would ****** one and rub it all over..I used to dream of them..When I got to 12 I saw an ad in a magazine for stay dry panty.. I saved some money and got a pair and I loved it.. I hid it in the house but I got caught by mom.. She wanted to know why I had these. I told her I was afraid I was going to wet my bed..She said dont be afraid its not the end of the world so she let me have my diaper to wear. She added 3 more so I could use them.. I loved for her to put my panty on and they were nice to wear. I know my little we we would grow when I worn them..as I grew and got bigger I sort of got out of this..Them come 16 it all came back again.. I loved them..I have a new mommie and she takes care of me. I still wear the every night. I have my little accidents at times..I like when we have sex how mom removes my diaper and plays with my we we.. She helps me to get on top of her. She gets hold of my little pepe and guides it to go into the airport to keep it warm.. After she cleans me up and rediapers for a good sleep.. My mommie also milks me and I really enjoy. she takes me out fully diapered and takes good care of me...She treats me just like a baby. I have some rules I have to do and if I dont I get punished..I have to wash my diapers and they will be clean..If not the paddle comes out and is used on you know whos butt..If we are out she has a diaper bag she takes with us.. She checks my pants and see if I am wet or dirty..Then she takes care of that..Well its almost time for my bath (6.pm) and then diapered, onesie. a bib, put down with my bottle I know I will wake uo wet I always do......good night
binkeyboy binkeyboy
66-70, M
Jan 11, 2013