Abena Special

I am a cloth diaper and plastic panty person. I use disposables for convenience when traveling and occasional 'for a change' fun.

Recently I discovered Abena 'Special' pull ups. OMG.... they are sooo soft and comfortable. Like no other pull-up I've ever worn. Plus they have a shape/fit like high rise panties AND the edges are ruffley.

I encourage any who are intrigued to try them. Those of you who have surely know what I mean.

They have only moderate capacity but I use booster pads to increase that.

In any event have fun in them or whatever you choose to use.

Cumphie Cumphie
66-70, M
6 Responses May 14, 2012

Didn't realize Abena had a pull up, I've been so satisfied with Reassure ON's, but it's worth a look see next time I have to order. Bummer the capacity isn't better, though. Don't they have an overnight version with better absorption???

The Abena Abriflex "Special" may take some diligence to find. Not all Abena sources carry them. Their main line of pullups Abriflex and come in at least two absorbencies. They advertise that the larger capacity pullup has one of the larger capacities on the market. The "Special" is made in Japan apparently and is designed for those with sensitive skin. It's very soft and comfortable. I put an Abriman pad in the front and a soak through liner down the middle to increase capacity.

Great story try welliness diapers they r super

I'll try them for my next pullup diaper purchase.

I doubt you'll be disappointed. ;)

iam a true cloth diaper wear'er i do tho wear pads and plastic pants too work under my jeans nobody knows but it feels so great tho

Don't know how adorable I look. But they are VERY comfortable.

Sounds very nice. I bet you look adorable in them!