Its Philosophically Simple

I wear all black cause of one of my philosiphys on life. In martial arts black represents the coming together of all former belts into one completeness. It sybolizes ( i suck at spelling) the coming together of every part of me all my thoughts, beliefs, knowledge, and abilities. In color symbolism the color black always stands for the opposite of purity....and i am the farthest thing from pure. Not to mention i look stupid in anything else. Black can make anyone look good.....except me of course...i'm unattractive and not afraid to admit it.
CaptainJackass CaptainJackass
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10 Responses Jul 20, 2010

Ugly is in the eye of the beholder, and when your hardest critic then no one is there to stand up and defend you.

*mumbles* okay...

NO and its because your not

okay so I forgot the F offa ugly.. shoot me. Please?

-___- your NOT ugly wouldn't know ugly if it turned up on cam! Hence why I don't show..

-____- I AM UGLY<br />
and maybe it is for some

Oh paleeze.. you're gorgeous! And black honey doesn't symbolise that is the colour we wear to hide ourselves from the world..

look i said I i repeat I am unattractive and thats fairly obvious since its true

uummm... i'm good. apparently i can pull of the brown eyed thing rather well