Black And Minimalism

I am a devotee of minimalism. Part of my minimalist ethos is an all black wardrobe. Here's what it consists of: 3 pairs of American Apparel slim slacks, 3 pairs of American Apparel slim slacks lite, 3 American Apparel long johns, 3 generic long sleeve crew-neck cotton shirts, 3 generic long sleeve crew-neck wool shirts, 1 Jil Sander winter coat, 1 crew-neck wool sweater, 1 wool winter beanie, 1 pair wool gloves, 1 wool scarf, 7 pair socks, 7 pair underwear, 7 pair undershirts, 1 jacket and 1 pair of shoes. That's it! That's every clothing item I own. Every item is completely jet black and there are no logos, pictures or anything else. They are completely plain. I don't own a stitch of any other clothing or any other color of clothing. If one of these items is getting threadbare, I just replace it. With an all black wardrobe, I can also get away with never buying bleach again.
mverobeach1 mverobeach1
26-30, M
Jan 20, 2013