I Like to Mess My Diapers and Sleep In It Until Morning!

  I have always wondered if I was a little crazy for liking diapers.  I really was worried I was some kind of freak when I was a kid.  I mean who likes to poop in a diaper and wear it for extended periods?  I thought maybe it was just me so I never told anyone about it.   This haunted me from about 7 yrs old up until I was 16 yrs old.  I had no idea if I had some mental defect or if I was alone in the world with these desires..  


  Then came the day I found a small story in Penthouse letters magazine about someone who liked to wear poopy  diapers and I thought my heart might explode from the excitement!  Boy, was I happy to see that story.  I felt a huge weight lifted from me and I knew if there was a story in Penthouse that there was a good chance there might be more people like me.  I must have bought a thousand more magazines looking for more on the subject!       And now we have the ultimate in information on the internet,  I love it!  I now am a well rounded adult with a decent job and a happy life!   I don't feel shame inside anymore for my desire to wear poopy diapers,  I know I am a good person who happens to have a unusual but harmless fantasy,(sometimes very, very unusual!)  But I have never hurt anyone and I never will.  I really do have some kinky fantasys  about getting forced to wear diapers and being restrained or chained up and made to do some very dirty things and getting used in humiliating ways!  I doubt there are many who share my interests but I am always looking for someone to play with.  Maybe someday I'll get lucky!  Take care all and know that you are a credit to humanity just being you!

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1 Response Mar 28, 2009

I to love to make poopy in my nappies and pipi then fall asleep for the night. As an Adult Baby the feeling for me is one of safty, security, comfort, warmth and trust. Im Currently training myself to be incontinent, and following The 12 Month Diaper Training Program. Most of the time i try to make dokie just after i put my bed time diapers on, but some times I cant always hold it and poop huring the day too. And I love it when that happens as well. Makes me feel so babyish and littile.