I Have A 9 Carat Gold Anklet.

I sometimes wear a gold anklet not as often now as fashions have changed.
But men always seemed to notice it just resting above the ankle under not over sheer stockings.
Sometimes I wore it over the stockings and it was always noticed.

I do not know the proper dress code of anklets, over or under stockings, mine is nice linked chain affect.
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Anklets are so sexy!

I wear it on my right ankle underneath my stockings.

It's always sexy but in my opinion looks the best worn on bare legs.

Anklets very sexy

As far as this guy is concerned, no matter how much fashions have changed, anklets on women NEVER go out of style.

Thank you.

You are welcome, dear lady.

Personally I love to see a lady wearing a pretty anklet. The side you wear it doesn't matter although some say on the left if you are married or on the right if you are single. I just thing that they enhance a lady's beauty.

Id love to see your anklet B-)

An anklet should have NO sexual connotation... It should just be an additional item of jewellery.
If you wear it all the time then under stockings is going to be easier. If you remove it for sleep then over stockings is as acceptable!
Either way.. the glitter of a gold chain moving as you walk is ver sexy and pretty!

To wear an anklet with stockings can be tricky, as you don't want the anklet to ladder the stockings; especially if the stockings are well made.

No idea what the proper dress code is either, but I always notice it. Fashion can take a hike as far as I'm concerned, if it makes you feel attractive, by all means wear it. You will be admired.

I have never had one of these items, but I did read that French Prostitutes that allowed Roman Catholic Priests a free turn did wear them as a sign.

I have an ankle chain it is sexy, I wear it sometimes on Saturdays, I wear it over my stockings or tights.