Wearing Anklets With My Wife.

I am very fascinated to wear anklets, since my childhood. I also like woman wearing anklets.

When my marriage got fixed with my then to be wife, I bought a pair of anklets, which she really liked. Then she wore it, but my intentions were for me to wear them. But till marriage anyway she kept them at her home.

When we were honeymooning in Ladakh, I showed how my eroticity increased when I come near or feel or see the anklets. Which was quite evident in me. Once while making love she asked me to wear anklets for more enraged love performance.

Then later once back home I asked her to buy anklets of my size which she too could wear and she agreed. We went into a shop and bought anklets, which I wore back home during the night when I slept with her.

I had more experiences then on, on many occasions we both wore anklets such that my anklet would pass through hers and slept that way whole night. Also I many occasions I wore both sets of anklets.

Now she is not here with me for sometime and I am wearing both. I have sometimes worn anklets to office under my socks. I wear them to markets sometimes under the socks, the jingles which only I hear bcos of its low intensity jingle.

My wife is happy with me wearing anklets but not any other jewellery.

Here are the images

EP Link#photo
EP Link#photo
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Wow!! u r so lucky to get a wife who supports you....
i am unmarried and i too love to wear anklets .
Like you said i wear them every day under my socks to my office. It produces jingles when i walk even with socks. So i see to it that i walk slowly so that my parents wont hear the jingle sound in house.
After wearing shoes still i hear faint jingles while walking on the road which is a bit difficult for people to notice it.
Even in office nobody notices the faint jingles.
Come back home in the evening , remove the shoes then slowly walk towards my room and remove the anklets and toe rings.
Later, At night i lock my room wear the anklets and toe rings . Wear a stocking which i bought online and then sleep. i feel feminine and very sexy when i wake up in the morning...

You're fortunate to be wearing anklets in front of your wife. I on the other hand wear lots of other silver jewelry like chains, bracelets, rings and earrings but I could never bring myself to wear an anklet with my girlfriend's knowledge. I don't know why that is, but I felt embarrassed to even bring it up.

That is llovely

thibk i wil try it