White Butcher Type Apron.

I`m a male who likes to wear a white butcher type apron. but just in front of females, also like to see females into same. Am i alone with this fetish........
56-60, M
5 Responses Dec 1, 2012

personally i am never interested in wearing PVC and rubber aprons but i love to wear cotton aprons. They are more comfortable.

well females just look awesome in almost every costume they wear :P

I too am a male and wears an apron on a regular basis both in the house, kitchen and garden. I don't have any particular preference whether a waist or bib apron, just depends on the mood. My wife encourages me to use one for all the good reasons of keeping clean and protecting my clothes.

You certainly are not alone, I think it is quite a common fetish. My husband and I wear PVC aprons all the time.

I love all kinds of aprons- especially PVC and rubber ones.