My Husbands Favorite Gift...

I have recently discovered a whole new side to my husband, and one of the many new things I have discovered is his love of PVC aprons.
He was hesitant about telling me, but as I had discovered his EP account and read everything he had written, including his love of aprons he slowly told me, he finds tham highly erotic and loves to wear them when ever he can, I am only amazed that I had never found this out before, he has been secretly wearing them ( very occasionally) around the house and has a very secret one at his workshop.
So with this in mind I popped to town and bought a shiny new PVC apron for him, they are harder to find in shops than I imagined and had to ask the shop keeper, it was thrilling knowing why I wanted it, and what would probably happen when I got home, but the shop keeper had no idea. so present wrapped and in my hand I wandered home with butterfies in my tummy, what if he did not like this as a shared erotic fantasy? What if the secrecy was half (or more) of the fun?
when I arrived at home I put the bag to one side and unpacked the groceries I had said I had to pop out for, he helped me unpack and was interested in the bag on the side. I was unsure of how to bring it up and considered waiting till bed time, but he peeked in and his eyes nearly popped out of his head, I had no need to worry just the glimpse of the corner was enough for him. This has been the most rewarding present I have ever given him it is now an upstairs apron for hoovering or anything he fancies doing in it we also have a laundry apron and are planning to have more the intesity of his enjoyment seems to grow the more we talk about it and the more he wears them. I also know if I need to get him a little hot under the collar I only need to tell him to wear one, or let him come in amd find me wearing one or the most effective of all is to buy him a new one.
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What a great story and what a beautiful present. I am like your husband and love wearing aprons, particularly bibbed PVC ones but enjoy seeing my wife in a pinny even more.

Like you, if my wife puts me into an apron (usually more than one) she can make me do anything she wants. She has complete power and control.

yes bibbed one are his favorite too, and if I loop the tie through the neck so it keeps the top really high under his chin it is even better.

Yes, I do that too with some of my aprons, usually the longer ones.

I do find that the apron dress than hangs a bit loosely though and so I just have to tie another waist apron on to keep it firmly secured.

And as for having my apron bib high, that is also easily rectified- I wear a plastic dental bib that is velcroed around my neck and then locked in place by my wife.

What colours and design of apron do you favour? I love them in pastel colours and if patterned, floral designs are good as they are even more humiliating.