I Allowed My Husband To Catch Me Wearing An Apron

Today for the first time since he shared his love of aprons with me I decided to put one on whilst he was out. It felt so naughty to slip it on over my head and firmly tie the straps. I caried on tidying and doing normal things thinking what wil he think when he gets home? Will he like it?
As he came in his eyes widened, pupils slightly dilated and a secet smile passed over his lips, I had no need to worry the apron had the desired effect. we did all the jobs needed including preparing the supper, but for this task I also requested he wore an apron to keep himself clean. When all the jobs were finished I wiped his apron clean paying geat care and attention to his crotch area rubbing firmly with my hand feeling his growing excitment.
I then allowed him to place his head in my lap on my apron whilst I sat on the bed this was deeply erotic feeling his head so close to me but with no chance of his lips teasing my breast or clitoris, I then gently lifted his head removed his trousers and underpants then while I still wore my apron we had wonderful naughty afternoon sex with the pvc of the apron rustling as he rubbed his hand over the shiny smooth suface.
I hope this is the start of many afternoon adventures for me.
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I am so pleased for you both.

Get your husband to put on an apron and rubber gloves and then wait for the action to hot up even more. A massage with rubber gloves is heaven.

You can also modify any apron by cutting a hole at the right point to allow him to "stand proud". Highly erotic and makes access very easy. Try not to let the neighbours see that one though...

So funny I had that thought myself (we are so on the same wave length) I was thinking of a pinny with a pocket then the hole would open to the pocket for my veiwing only....

We are definitely seeing "eye to eye"...

If the apron has a pocket, even better as it will hold him between two layers of PVC and he'll love that. Make sure he's in a condom as he will certainly start leaking as moves around.

I do love this idea need to find that pocketed pinny now or get the sewing machine out

You can't beat making your own aprons. Made to measure, accessible holes, pockets where you want them, padlock loops, high bibs, long skirts- it's endless.

Try putting edged slits around the main ventral central pocket so he slide his hands inside but over his apron. He'll be in heaven.

great idea, I need to find some pvc material sold by the meter

I told him my plans on making an apron, he went slightly quiet then said, I have a confession, then after a short pause he said I bought a roll of pvc ages ago (before we were even together) and has had it hidden all this time! How perfect is that? I can now start to get busy

As they say, it's good to talk. I am delighted that you are able to share your ideas and hope the apron really fits well. Maybe you can also make him a bib if there is enough material left over?

Is it cotton backed PVC or plain? Backed stuff is better to sew and more robust, whereas unlined is not so good for sewing if it is not so heavy. I do like unlined as it really sticks to the skin when warm- and it offers the excuse to put on another cotton pinny underneath.

PS: Pictures of the finished item if you please and don't forget to add loops to the ties for the lock.

he already mentioned maybe making a matching bib, using his present from this morning as a pattern! I have yet to see the material, will post photos as soon as they are made.

Good luck and looking forward to seeing the finished items.

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