Padres Vs Yankees

I wear a Yankees hat, my boyfriend wears a Padres hat.  On a recent outing to the Las Vegas area, we had a bet going.  The premises were this....Yankee fans are not die-hard fans.  They wear the hat or shirt, but their heart is not behind it.  It's a fashion item.  My boyfriend contended that anyone wearing a Padres hat or shirt would be a die hard fan.  Sadly, the few people I approached wearing Yankee symbols, were not true fans.  At last we found someone with a Padres shirt on.  The contest rules were the person wearing the team symbol had to know either the score of the previous night's game or who was pitching that particular day. Padres won hands down.  My pay up for bragging rights was a home jersey with Chris Young #32 to my boyfriend.  He earned it. Go Padres !!!
dreamyvelvet dreamyvelvet
41-45, F
Sep 22, 2007