I Love My Hats.

I used to hate hats as a kid. I thought they were ugly always got in the way. Plus I remember the old myth that is you wore a hat, your hair would fall out. Yeah, I believed it. So as I got older and grew out of the crazy hairstyles and colors, I searched for a "grown up" hair style. LOL To this day, I really don't have one. So I started wearing hats. ****, back then any hat would do...I used to wear a Detroit Tigers hat, and totally got harassed. First of all, I am not from Detroit, second, they SUCKED! LOL. So at random I picked up a Boston Red Sox hat. I have many but only loved that hat. I had it for years and years. Then I lost it in Florida :( I was attached to that hat! IT FIT SO WELL! Finally, I found a new one. Yes I am selective Heehee! I will go not one place without it! Doesn't mean I always wear it but it's with me!!! :P

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Jul 9, 2009