Bottle Green Knickers Under My Kilt!

I've said this before on other sites but was given my first kilt when I was about six, in the late 40's early 50's. It was a bodice kilt handed down from older sisters. They were several years older than me and so underwear wasn't handed down, I was lucky enough to be given new underwear.

I do remember being taken, wearing my kilt with a jersey over the bodice and a pair of swimming trunks under the kilt,  to get the bits and pieces that were required for a kiltie boy that wasn't needed for girls. Things like a sporran and flashes for my socks etc. The shop we went to first  was an up market department store  and we went  first to the boys department and what ever it was my mother asked for was not available there so we went to the girls department and I got a blouse there to go over the bodice of the kilt, it had elastic round the waist and hid what it was supposed to. Then we went to the school department and bottle green pants were produced and I had to try them on. No need for a changing room,"he's only six!!" so lift the kilt and hold the pants against me, look ok we will get two pairs and then my swimming trunks were pulled down and I had to step into the green knickers and they were pulled up, the fit inspected and I was told to keep them on and that these were special pants that I had to wear with my kilt.

So from that day til now six decades later there is usually a pair of bottle green girls cotton interlock school knickers under my kilt.

I have tried going with out but found it to be uncomfortable wondering if any one could see up my kilt and so I went back to my trusty bottle green knickers and never bothered if my kilt was lifted in a breeze ar if someone happened to see what was under my kilt because all it was was a pair of bottle green knickers.

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I wear Pink Silk French Knickers under my kilt, so smooth and nice next to the thighs and buttocks.

All you men that wear Kilts seem to like wearing girls knickers or even better lingerie under them.

I was browsing in a Slaters shop recently and noticed a middle-aged gent being "fitted" for a hire outfit - the kilt was well over his knees, almost reaching his socks! When will kilt hire companies either train their staff properly - or hire someone who knows what they're doing!

Green Knickers are still tops with me and are worn on every conceivable occasion, including weddings, funerals, dances and highland games. Don't you just love the feel of soft cotton covering your nether regions?<br />
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I'm glad to hear that everything went off splendidly. I too wear either black or navy under my kilt. Sometimes even a kiltliner and never anything white.

Hello kiltie,<br />
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I feel a rant coming on here, but I will resist it, for the time being at least!<br />
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My advice is simple - he should wear pants under his kilt and insist that the best man and ushers do the same. He may cite, if he wishes, the Chairman(?) of the Tartans Authority who has gone on record to the effect that anyone wearing the kilt without pants is behaving in a childish and inconsiderate manner.<br />
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Now that I think about it, "behaving in a childish and inconsiderate manner" pretty much sums up the soi-disant "Tartan Army".<br />
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I hope this helps,<br />
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Trewscot,<br />
He has turned to the woman and is saying, " Are you looking at my bottle green kilt knickers?"

Perhaps you are right and it is only us older guys who prefer to wear traditional bottle green or navy blue school girl's knickers under our kilts. Younger guys don't have the same experiences as we do growing up with girls wearing regulation knickers. If you want a kilt they can be got pretty easily and cheaply on E-Bay. There is no point spending huge amounts on a proper hand made eight yard kilt until you find out whether you are going to be able to get the use out of it. Be sure, though, that if you do get yourself a kilt and wear your navy blue knickers underneath you will be joining a pretty large group of men who prefer to have knickers under their pleats.

I agree, hielandladdie, I have always felt better wearing my bottle green knickers when i am wearing my kilts. I feel so much more comfortable knowing that if my kilt does somehow blow up or become deranged it is only green knickers that is on display.

You are joining a large number of guys who wore and perhaps continue to wear girl's cotton knickers under their kilts and find them incredibly comfortable.<br />
Personally I can not think of a more suitable garment to wear under my kilts.

And girls cotton school knickers with their big wide cuffs are incredably comfortable<br />
.I had bottle green and navy blue knickers for under my kilt/ I was in a BB Pipe Band as a side drummer. I loved wearing it and the knickers too

I wear knickers under my kilt that is an enjoyable pastime.