Cherub Bottle Green School Knickers

I have always worn bottle green or navy blue school knickers under my kilt since the age of about 6. This would be 1954 when kilt wearing was more common than today. I regulary worn my kilt to school and wore a kilt for holidays, weekends and cubs.

The only style of school knickers I ever wore/wear were made by Cherub and had narrow tunnelled waist and leg bands into which a piece of elastic was threaded. These school knickers were very pratical for young kilted lads the elasticated legs ensuring one's modesty at at all times.

My 3 sisters and I would often wear our kilts on day trips etc and the four of us would be wearing identical bottle green knickers. I had'nt got my own knickers Mother would just take a pair out of my sisters knicker drawer and pop them onto a chair in my bedroom when it was a kilt wearing day.

I never went "commando"-too vunerable. I always feel safe wearing school knickers under my kilt. Luckily I still have a dozen pairs of genuine Cherub school knickers (bought some years ago from Exchange & Mart) which I wear today under my kilt. I am sure you other school knicker wearers will agree that nothing beats the cosy feeling of nice tight elasticated legged school knickers.


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You can still obtain these knickers in the uk.
Although Cherub had stopped manufacturing many years ago, I know of a source, of Cherub copies. Not the flimsy ones that are sometimes seen on ebay.
These are proper 1950's style and are exact Cherub copies in every way apart from the label. Made from proper cotton interlock knicker material and in a wide range of colours.

i at 54 have just got my first kilt prince charls tatan and my 4th pair of school knickers navy,maroon,gray,and now botlegreen for the kilt the others i lov to wear anytime mmmmm

Yes I too love wearing my bottle green or navy blue knickers under my kilt. I wear a kilt all the time, glad to hear other guys wear knickers too.Iain

Yes I too love wearing my bottle green or navy blue knickers under my kilt. I wear a kilt all the time, glad to hear other guys wear knickers too.Iain

Absolutely gentlemen. I too have worn the green and navy blue girls school knickers under my kilts all my life. It also started very like kiltandknickers but it was 3 female cousins I was brought up with and I wore my kilt most of the time we were dressed and going for days out and also to school or if we were going visiting. I remember as a very young boy getting my first kilt and feeling it great. I wore my first pair of navy knickers under that one and my mum used to tell me to run in front to make the pleats waggle. As I grew up I wore the kilt to school and continued to wear either navy or bottle green Cherub knickers or Monfort ones as a matter of course. It was a very secure feeling wearing the knickers as you didnt have to worry much about how you sat or indeed if the wind caught your kilt. Oddly my cousins just accepted the fact I wore the kilts and also had to wear their nix in the early days. I still wear navy or green knickers under my 4 kilts to this day and enjoy it very much.

You are so right, Medalman, The cosy feel of a nice pair of school knickers under your kilt takes a lot of beating. My knickers were always or nearly always Meridian which had a cuff leg but the feeling of security with knickers under your kilt is something I still enjoy.<br />