So It Begins.....

I'd never really given any consideration at all to the whole notion of wearing traditional school girls knickers as part of my slide into being an adult little girl just thinking that anything not obviously adult and 'knowing' would work.
I should say I spend a lot of time in school girl uniforms over the course of a week but for a long period I'd been pondering this but when I think back to it, it's that I knew what girls wore under their pinifore dresses and skirts from both things like family (you'd just see the washing about) and from what you heard (I wasn't cheeky and tried to look being well brought up!).
I felt so strongly I wanted to be wearing what they did back then in that whole regressive context that I researched a bit a round the topic and found that Bottle Green was just so that experience. I had to give it a go.
I binned the older stuff, forcing myself to order new bottle green knickers of the old school variety with elasticed legs and double gussets, a mixture of cherubs and academy brands ready for that first morning when I'd have to put them on. The cotton is so comfortable and yet also keeps you warm in cold weather such as that we're having right now.
Instinctively I felt smaller as I pulled them up noticing how they enveloped me which after an hour or so I got so used to I forgot I'd had them on as they felt so right under my skirt leaving me feeling just the happy go lucky school girl I am on the inside.
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2 Responses Dec 5, 2012

Well done . I feel the same as you . There is nothing more comfortable than wearing regulation school knickers especially cherubs. It would be wonderful to see them back in schools as part of the school uniform. It would be even better if boys had to wear them too under gymslips /gingham dresses/skirts.

The Girls at my Secondary School wore Bottle Green Knickers and I have loads which I wear under m BtleGreen Unifom.Gumsli or Gymkit. They feel so soft and the sensation of the elasticatd legbands gripping the tops of you legs is wonderful