Boxer Satin/cotton

i love the feel of boxers they give a good tent when im wearing my shorts or gym shorts coz they hang out the bottom of the legs and everyone can see them and love them coz my boxers are not plain they have pics and cartoons all over them which gives a good tent as well knowing people can see them. i alos like it when they show above my trousrs, trackies . does this happen to anyone else when they wear their gym shorts like the ones with the slit up the side.
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yeah love all that,i wear boxers all the time.i wear those white nylon track pants which are almost see through.i also sag my track pants really low showing all of my boxers.i get a ***** when i do this.but thats ok cos i just carry on and it feels good. Im sagger boy jb1000

I have about 30 pair of mesh gyms shorts. The white ones are my favorite. I like that the pattern of the boxers shows through the white mesh fabric. It looks hot!

Why sag when your pants are see through?

thats hot, can we see a pic?

Hey Guyz, Who else enjoys tenting out their or anothers boxers for that so hot Jerk Off or so intimate male Sex? To drench your own or also a mates boxers with ***

Only way to get off. Stroke through the cotton or through the fly. Either way, they end up wet. Love getting head through the fly too.

me to mate gets me well horny and then i need to **** off

Yeh i only wear boxers but i dont often get boxers showin out the bottom of my shorts. I love a good tent too. I think cartoon boxers or prints are great specially satin

yes iam mate . so do **** in thema nd do ***** up insde them as well and are yours plain?

yer **** in em and i ***** in em too :P i have plain red ones and black ones with cartoons on em :P whats ur msn??

hey love this story. i have satin ones and love wanking in them. u on msn or skype???

i agree but its still nice to see them hanging out the bottom of them when ya dwon the gym or out running though. u should try some satin/silk boxers under them they are right rouser . if ya get some get them with pcis etc all over them

I can't say that I've tried silk or satin boxers. I've seen them in the stores. I bought Jockey nylon boxers - made from nylon tricot. They're a novelty, but I couldn't wear them all day.<br />
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I have a few pair of running shorts that are shorter than my boxers. I'll wear them occasionally, but I like the mesh shorts better.

i could where these satin boxers all the time.just need to find some

sounds awesome mate have u tried satin or silk boxers and try shorter shorts as well so they hang out the leg of the gym shorts

i would like to try satin boxers.the really silky shiny ones but cant seem to find any.where's the best place to find them

I don't wear any other underwear beside boxers. When I wear gym shorts, I always wear boxers with them. Boxers allow a guy to hang loose instead of having his goods tightly wrapped in snug underwear. Feels great! Most of my boxers are plaid, but I have quite a few stripes, too. Sometimes you can see a peek of the boxers when I move around. White and yellow gym shorts are somewhat transparent, and often you can see the boxers through the mesh fabric. Hot!