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Hi! I'm new here. I want some advice on how to buy briefs. I am a medium in hanes boxers, but I bought a pack of hanes briefs, and they're too loose in the legs and butt, but are perfect in the front. So, will a small probably be too tight on me? also, how are the comfortsoft briefs?
Anyways, enough questions, more about me. I went to boxers at 12, and it felt great, being all loose. But now that I've dropped more and grown more, the boxers aren't holding p enough, and I want to switch to briefs. As said before, I bought hanes briefs and they don't fit right, but I still wear them half the time anyway. Anyways, this probably wasn;t interesting, I just wanted to introduce myself.
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Actually, I think the problem is in the brand. Hanes makes decent boxer briefs and boxers, but I noticed that when I wear briefs that are from Hanes, they always stretch out super quickly. If you want a decent pair of briefs for cheap, go with Fruit of the Loom. I also wear the Evolve brand from target and Calvin Klein and I really like those but they are more expensive.

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im a size 34 waist, when i buy briefs i buy size 30.. i like my **** and *** feeling tight

You made the right decision to switch to briefs. Yeah, maybe a smaller size pair of briefs would fit better for you. I wear Hanes white briefs size 32, and they fit perfectly. They look great too. I think you'll find that you'll want to wear briefs all the time. Good luck and happy new year!