I wore briefs as a child. In my teens, boxer shorts were the fashionable and 'expected choice' to wear. Then a long came boxer briefs, which I sometimes wear. But I have recently learned that, briefs are becoming more and more popular again. A couple of months ago I bought a multipack of mens briefs (keyhole fashion briefs) and they felt so comfortable. Since then I have bought more and thrown all my boxers out! Briefs are back in fashion and im back in briefs!!!!
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1 Response Aug 22, 2014

I wear briefs too. I never did like boxers. If someone likes them, great, but boxers aren't for me. I'm even considering bikini briefs one day.

I need a little more in the waist before I can wear bikinis. I was given a slim figure and short stature, I am small. I am toned but small.

I can't wear men's :( But I'll be trying. It would be cool if I could see how yours look. You trying jockstraps or anything?