I Wear Briefs And Love It!

They are very comfortable! I don't know why more guys don't wear them. I wear white the most but I do have a few colored ones. I like it when people see me in them.
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3 Responses Jul 15, 2010

oh, yeah Baby!...the fun you can have jackin and breeding in briefs!...I like to play with my buddy's fly opening...he's squirms abit, but settles down, turns around, pulls them just below his backside (around his thighs), looks over his shoulder and waits for some good ol' fashioned daddy breeding...I always make sure he's got plenty of briefs at my house to wear!

My preference is for white briefs, but do have some colored ones too. Prefer the full size briefs with the fly opening, have more fun in them!

I can totally second that! =P