Wanking In Yfronts

When I was at school, I wore white yfronts as did my best mate. Changing for PE, we both tented out in our yfronts with lads seeing and often pointing at us. So after school, we'd go back to his house and if his mum was out (we were about 13) we'd ***** to our yfronts to see how far they tented out. He'd then try and shove his **** up the leg of my ys, which was easy as my tenting out pushed out my leg bands. He liked to ***** in my pants which then set me off. We'd then look at our pants, and sometimes swap. I slept in my yfronts and often had wet dreams in them. And then I started to tuck my shirt in my yfronts like my mate did - which always got me hard. At school, at the back of the class, I'd let lads next to me unzip me, slide their hand down my trousers and rub me thru my white yfronts till i shot, pumping hot sticky ***** into them. Heaven knows what my mum thougfht when she put my crusty yfronts in for wash.
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Y fronts are still the biggest turn on for me,nearly every **** since 13 has been with my **** thru the y front .i even have sex like that.and i know plenty people who love it too,i know dutch lads who only wear boxers ,but for a ******* ,they will put a pair of white y fronts on.mostly the style in holland is a front. The two stripes .i love them too

we all used to wear y-fronts at school I only had white ones but another boy had red ones with a white y which I thought was well cool we would sit at the back of the class and stick our hands down the others pants and **** each other off

Great story. No mom to worry about finding any *** stained briefs. Shoot off all the time into them, and wash them regularly so they don't stain yellow too much.

school days were great. Most of my friends tucked their shirts in the y fronts and we occasionally had some wanking fun either at the back of the class or after we had been changing for sport - sadly not often enough but they are great memories

same here, smith and i would sit at the back of the bus, cases on our laps, as we unzipped and explored each other. got me so close and more than once filled my yfronts, arriving home damp and sticky but also so proud to have pumped out so much

Same here - always used to *** in my white y-fronts when I was at school. Mainly on the bus, I would very slowly slide the zipper on my school trousers down, till the white y-front-covered bulge of my hard-on would thrust out through the fly - just looking down at the lump it made used to get me to the edge - when it got near my stop, I would get a bit frantic, to zip up - but often the thrill would be too much, and just the pressure of the zipper being hurriedly tugged over my throbbing white bulge would be enough to take me beyond the point of no return, and I would be *********** wads of *** into my underpants as I hurried down the stairs of the bus....

I still wear very short grey cotton baggy shorts and baggy white Y front pants and love wanking off in them and through them. If anyone would like to do this to me and even add there own or have other ideas please get in touch.

I used to *** inn my white y-fronts al the time at school, especially on the bus going home. Still do, to this day......

I used to sit next to a very horny boy - both us aged about 14 - in the back row at school for English. Sometimes, he'd start to unzip me and then I'd undo the top of my trousers so he could stroke my **** through my briefs . Once, he wouldn't stop; I tried to push his hand away; but he just carried on; and so I came in them, all wet and sticky. Big wet patch. Thank zgod the teacher never noticed.

i used to do this but not any more and it felt so good

Unfortunately, none of my friends wear briefs *and* they're all straight (well, most). BUT, if I ever do convert one, I'll kindly lend him some of my pants... :P

love these school meory stories-im marrieds but even my wife gers turned on when i tell her about my friend denis-cute blond 12yo slky smooth skin highlighted by by his pure white soft y0fronts 2/5/13

I agree with everything said here. I too started ****ing with other boys in my white Y Fronts when I was 13 and continued to do so for almost 5 years. Although I have been married and have had many girl friends I still look back to the sex I had with other boys with much enjoyment.

I still love to **** in my y fronts. I like to **** in them too!

there is nothing like seeing a guy in yfronts and seeing that he is tenting them then as he **** that great wet patch that slowly becomes stain on your y fronts the besy=t nderwear for any man

I had one or two similar experiences with other guys but they were one-offs. One of my favourite ways of wanking was to hump the bed or the floor with my shirt tucked in my yfronts and then let it *** in them. My mother never asked!!