Underwear And Jockstrap

First time I ever thought about a jock strap and was turned on was when I was about 16. I saw a movie where guys were changing in a locker room and were wearing jock straps. I immediately cut the bottom out of one of my briefs. Shortly thereafter I found myself in a sporting goods store purchasing my first actual jock strap. During the last two years of high school, our PE coach required all guys to wear one. It was hard (no pun) for me not to get "excited" when changing in the locker room. This obsession continued on through college (track/swim team). I walked in on my college roomate hanging out one day in our room in nothing but his jock, tshirt and socks and was instantly turned on. He hadn't expected me and rushed to put on some shorts. I excitedly told him not to worry and that I often hung out in a pair of briefs or a jock when he wasn't there. Following that day began a new relationship where we often traded jock straps and briefs; wore each other's sweaty jock straps and would just hang out together (and often do more than hang out). Nowadays I routinely wear various jock straps at the gym. I also "get off" on wearing different types of underwear/briefs. I also like to get ****** in a jock.
JasAtlanta JasAtlanta
36-40, M
2 Responses May 19, 2011

You and me both man.

Been wearing jocks for a year or so. I love how they feel. Love being in public knowing I have one on.

same here!