Rainbow Briefs!!

If am not wrong briefs is man underwear ?? Idk if it bcome change lately hehehe
4 me that's the most comfortable ! Besides boxer (its can hold my tools haha)
I do have one thong (bought that ahmm 4 trial and don't feel great with thin fabric that slip between my butt haha)
I also feel comfort with the 100 percent cottoon! (Hey its good 4 babies good 4 me lol), not have to be white!
My briefs r colourful!! I like to match it with my shirt, coz sometimes I wear underhips jeans!

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3 Responses Jul 31, 2011

Yes, cotton briefs are what my husband wears. I've never seen him in white ones. I like his low cut black ones, I think they look very nice on him. I think his are all from Hanes.

I know hanes! good material cotton is always the most comfy on my skin coz I lived in tropical place

And you can buy them online, no need to drive to a store. (Yes, I wear them too. Well, Hanes for Her and like that, not the same things that he wears. Cotton bikinis. I definitely prefer cotton.

Ahhh I should try that sometimes :) ,actually I did wear spandex 4 bycycling and watersports but I lived in tropical country that hot and humid all year,<br />
which offcourse uncomfortable 4 daily use lol!

Briefs are all I wear, though mostly spandex/nylon ones. They're both comfortable and sexy.