I was straight for a period of time and i wore boxers then when i turned gay i switched to briefs and i loved them!
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3 Responses May 14, 2012

Sexual orientation is on a continuum, with very few people at the extremes. Most men who consider themselves straight find some attractions to other men, and most that consider themselves gay can find something attractive about some women. But as stated in other comments, your orientation is pretty much a part of you when you're born. Your only choice is what you do about it.

It's insulting that you think that someone has to "turn gay" (something which is impossible if he wasn't already born into the world as a homosexual) to appreciate briefs. Straight guys wore briefs all the time -- and many still do. Boxers only shot up in popularity during the '90s, which is when society starting making men feel uncomfortable with their bodies and themselves. Briefs are practical and are meant for every man, straight, gay or bi.

I hate to break it to you, but you weren't "straight for a period of time" and you didn't "turn gay." People's true sexuality is determined before birth. What changes during our lives is what we DO or how we ACT, and what we figure out about our sexuality.