Briefs, Y-fronts, Tangas & Jockstraps

Hi all, I wore briefs up until the age of 8 then switched to boxers.

I used to 'borrow' my uncles briefs and my Grandads y-fronts when I visited (about 13 years old) and then finally bought my own pair of briefs when I was 16 (I must have worn them for 3 weeks straight).

I didn't permanently switch to briefs until I was at uni (19). I also managed to acquire a few pairs from the laundry room at uni, which was good fun...

Every time now I go to friends, I always check the laundry basket or the draws to see if I can borrow a pair of briefs, it makes me so horny wearing other guys underpants (I do this at the gym, work locker room etc)

I now wear y-fronts, briefs, tangas and jock straps. I love wearing y-fronts at the gym as the other blokes either wear briefs or boxers, never or rarely y's. I always manage to get hard! I always leave my pants out at the gym hoping someone would take them but they never do.

Briefs are now a big part of my life, I must own over 300 pairs!
Viper01 Viper01
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2 Responses Nov 20, 2012

Wow!! 300 that's a lot man!!! I wear briefs for work and boxer for the gym I like the feeling of my **** to be free when I work out and also I get a lot of looks from people at the gym. I like briefs for work just because it keeps my balls dry

I own a lot too. My drawers are full and I'm still buying. What an obsession. With edging, nipple play and briefs/jockstraps fetish I'm totally involved with sex all the time.

What kind of briefs do you wear?

Mostly vintage style white jockey classic briefs but lately have been wearing other vintage whit briefs as well.