Switched Back At 15, Best Underwear Decision Of My Life!

Let me give you a "brief" overview. I wore nothing but briefs till I was 12. Then I switched to boxers, then back to briefs. It was embarrassing at first, but now I actually feel a sense of enjoyment of wearing briefs.
I never rally thought much about briefs until I was 10. I was jumping on my trampoline when my friends pants (he was 9) fell off, and he was wearing boxers. I asked him why he wore them instead of briefs. He then asked what I wore. I froze, and didn't say anything. He pantsed me, revealing my bright blue briefs. It was the first time I was actually embarrassed in my underwear. I thought of trying boxers, so I asked my mom to buy me some. But I didn't like them. In act, the feeling made me feel naked. I was a bit disappointed I had to wear briefs to be comfortable, but I really didn't think much of it until I was 13. I bought some boxers because I just felt like trying them. They actually felt good this time. I soon stopped wearing briefs. That lasted about 2 yeas. After that, I started to want to wear briefs again. I eventually bought some briefs. Medium Hanes standard briefs, blue. They were a bit big, and I didn't like them at first. But I had a week where my washing machine broke, and I ran out of boxers. Out of laziness, I just wore the briefs. Once the washing machine was fixed, I washed some boxers. I put them on under some jeans, and let me tell you, they felt horrible. I then took them off and put some briefs on and then put the jeans back on, and it felt soooo much better. From then on I realized I was no longer a boxers guy, I was a briefs guy.
I later bought Hanes ComfortSoft briefs. Biiig mistake. They felt good at first, but then stretched out, and some tore. Then I discovered Hanes ComfortBlend Briefs. The comfiest briefs I ever wore.
Today, I still occasionally wear boxers, but I normally wear briefs. White is my favorite color. None of my guy friend know I wear them, but hell, I don't know what they wear either. And I felt so nerdy at first. This eventually wore off. I no longer feel weird, but I feel excited. Everyone now wears boxers, so I feel daring, wearing briefs. I sometimes sag my pants, revealing my white briefs. Nobody has said anything to me so far (a lot of guys sag in white underwear, presumably boxer briefs) so I am not afraid to show off. I don't plan on stopping wearing briefs.
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18-21, M
Jan 15, 2013