Say Yes To Comfort

I was brought up on white briefs but then at the age of ten switched to boxers out of peer pressure in the middle school locker room. A few years later at the age of fifteen I made another underwear switch to boxerbriefs for comfort but I still wore the boxers whenever I had to change in public.

Then, at eighteen and being in college, I bought a package of briefs (I went with Jockey's white modern classic because i liked the look of them) and found them to be extremely comfortable. I was so happy to be once again secure enough in my manliness to wear the comfortable underwear even if they were whitey tighties.

Four years later and I still love wearing my briefs, but I have found that nothing beats the comfort of just plain old white Hanes!
Emraldo Emraldo
26-30, M
3 Responses Jan 16, 2013

I like Calvin Klein white briefs, too - in fact, I'm wearing a pair of them right now - but I share your preference for Hanes white briefs, Emraldo, and I'll be wearing them again next week in the locker room. I do admire any guy who wears white briefs, regardless of the brand. I've always felt a kinship with all guys who wear white briefs, anywhere in America or anywhere in the world.

Why anyone wants to wear bulky tennis shorts -- which is what boxers are -- underneath their pants is beyond me. Of course, it's the detrimental conditioning in this society that tells young men to be ashamed of their bodies. Briefs are practical, it's why they're designed the way they are.

I agree with you. Hanes white briefs are also my favorite. As you said, they're really comfortable. Plus, they look great too.